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Trending News: Hushpuppi Is A Hero And These Are 3 Reasons He Should Be Celebrated

TruthIsSacred 06/25/2020

Have you watched the video documentary of Nigerian social media celebrity Hushpuppi when he was arrested and handcuff together with his gangs? If no, go and check it out on google or YouTube. It's trending and generating a lot of reactions from social media users. 

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Ramon Olorunwa Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi has been in the hot soup of Dubai police and FBI since two weeks ago for fraud cases. According to the video documentary, he was alleged of stealing 168 billion naira cash, 15billion naira worth assets retrieved, 15 flash drives, 47 mobile phones and 21 laptops. 

Meanwhile, people had been hurling all sorts of unprintable words against him and dubbing him fraudsters. They're right. However, we need to take a closer look, Hushpuppi is an Enigma. He's a hero that deserves to be celebrated and I will give you 3 good reasons he should be celebrated because I derive inspiration from his life's story. 

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1- Hushpuppi Is A Genius: Let's us be Frank, with the amount of money that was stolen and number of people that was reportedly scammed by Hushpuppi, it's no gain saying that he's a genius. This is not about solving Pythagoras theorem equation or postulating theories on paper. This is real life ingenuity and we could see it in his life. He oozes wealth before his arrest. Heroes are genius. We have Many dumb Yahooboys who can't scam someone of ordinary N1,000 except they use female's pant for ritual. Hushpuppi was the envy of all Yahooboys without using pant or bra. He deserves accolades for being a genius and pulling those stunts. They're masterpiece! 

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2- Hushpuppi Achieved His Dream: Heroes are dreamers and goal getters. Hushpuppi had been a fan of fashion and flabouyant lifestyle even before he hit it big. He discovered a way to achieve his dream and he went for it. Even though nemesis has caught of with him, he achieved his life dream. The enjoyment that Hushpuppi had been through in his short time in life is better than some people's 1000 years lifespan. 

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3- He was not a slave to fear: Many superhero movies that I have watched, they're all fearless individuals who didn't give room for fear. They shun fear and conquer their enemies. Hushpuppi knew that he would pay darely for his crimes one day but he was fearless in his dealing. He enjoyed his life to the fullest than those who are living 100 years on earth. If only many of us could be fearless in chasing our dreams in life, we would have been better than this. But we're cowards who is scared of failure and rejection and that's why we're not progressing. Be fearless like Hushpuppi but don't be fraudulent like him. 

While heroes are mostly people who do good and save their generation, I think it should be extended to people who look enigmatic and break records to create new ones. Hushpuppi is a hero and will definitely not be forgotten till generations to come. Hushpuppi was a class of his own and give life the run for it money.

If you agree with me, kindly share the article with others, if you don't agree, kindly share your thoughts in the comments section. 

Source: opera.com
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Top Comments
GUEST_vkajGP9De · 06/26/2020
he defrauded only white people. I don't understand all these nigerians complaining he defrauded them
FayoseGoodness · 06/26/2020
Nobody holy
NwachukwuAndrew · 06/26/2020
Let's call a spade a spade. Evil remains evil no matter how you paint it . Shalom.
NwachukwuAndrew · 06/26/2020
My brother, good is good & bad is bad. Shalom.

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