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As At Today, The Only Southerner Who has the Clearest chance to be the President is Tinubu

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At at today 2020, the only South-Westerner across all political divides who has the clout, experience and clearest chance to be President in 2023 is Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu. Those who might come close, Rauf Aregbesola and Raji Fashola, sprouted from his loins. I don’t see them doing the ultimate betrayal. 

Asides stiff opposition from his party, the question of his likely choice of running mate is downright complex. Humongous votes that come from the Muslim heartlands of Kano, Katsina, Kaduna (slightly less so because of its significant Christian population), Sokoto etc will be a factor that could work against the viability of picking a Christian VP candidate. 

A plunge into a Muslim-Muslim ticket is an even riskier proposition. It will piss off the multitudes of Christians NATIONWIDE. 

If the PDP picks a strong Muslim presidential candidate from the North, the game will change. They currently don’t have issues on the nitty-gritty of ticket split. 

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The Yoruba in me will be pleased with a South-Western President. However, a hard rain is gonna fall to make that happen. I don’t even think the PDP is thinking South-West at all but never say never in politics. 

Does the South-West have a Christian who could jostle the ticket from Tinubu? Fayemi or a wild card from other parts of the South? Or will the APC burn up the zoning permutations and allow Northerners to run? The plot thickens.

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