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I helplessly Watched On as My Mom Got Beaten - Real Emotions

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Have you ever stood by while your lovely mother is being accused and humiliated for a crime she didn't commit? Or was it one of your loved ones? and you couldn't help it? Welcome to Nigeria where the women are rarely heard. They are treated as inferior and weaker species but they aren't weak nor inferior, they are special. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

I was just a little girl, living with my mom and little siblings peacefully until trouble came knocking one morning in form of our neighbor. Seeing that my dad traveled to the neighboring state for business, he found the perfect opportunity to harass my mom. It was because of a little boundary(farm) between our farm and theirs. This case has been settled before but the troublesome man won't let us be. He wants our share of the land too.

My mom, being a brave woman won't let it happen so she confronted the man and his family. The man had two grown up but jobless sons and a troublesome wife too (Birds of the same feathers flocks together)!. During the confrontations, he slapped my mom.

I was helpless, weak and unable to do anything. I couldn't beat him up or his sons if i tried to even though I felt a surge in my blood to. I was a no match for them. It hurts!. It hurts when people are bullied for no reasons and you can't help them knowing that they are innocent. There was no one to help.

I ended up convincing my mom to let it go and wait till my dad gets back.

I guess this is also one of the reasons I want to be a Barrister. To defend the poor masses, give hope to the hopeless, help the helpless and many more..And when I do, no one will ever raise his or her on my mom, family and the masses who are innocent.

Have you ever experienced this?

Share your experiences, story and reaction in the comment section.

Thanks for reading.

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