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Easy Ways To Cooks Jollof - Rice And Fried - Rice With Chicken

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Recipe.  Quantities

1. Rice    3 cups

2. Fresh tomatoes 2 large size

3. Fresh pepper  3 small size


4. Groundnut oil  2cooking spoon

5. Tin tomato    1 tin

6. Meat       ½kg

7. Thyme/curry/nutmeg

8. Onions I bulb


1. Prepare, wash and grind tomatoes pepper and part of the onions.


2. Wash, cut and boil meat by Adding salt, thyme, nutmeg, curry and onions.

3. Heat oil and fry the already cooked meat.

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4. Fry the grounded ingredients and add tin tomatoes, curry and magi. Fry until it becomes red and thick.


5. Dilute the stew with water from the boiled meat that will be enough to cook the rice.

6. Add the rice to the diluted stew and cover and allow to cook.

7. When cooked, remove from fire and serve. 

Study them carefully and tell us the result, We care about you.


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Recipe.  Quantities

1. Rice     4 cups

2. Green peas  1 small tin

3. Carrot      ¼kg

4. Cabbage    1 small size

5. Green beans

6. Liver

7. Curry

8. White pepper/Green pepper

9. Seasoning/spices

10. Vegetable oil/margarine


1. Parboil rice for about 5 - 10 minutes.

2. Wash and cut the green beans, green pepper and cabbage into small pieces.

3. Wash carrot neatly; scrape the skin with knife or iron sponge and cut into small pieces.


4. Slice onions and grind seeds of nutmeg.

5. Heat a little oil in a pan and fry all ingredients for 5 minutes.

6. Add the parboiled rice and mix together.

7. Add salt, seasoning, green pepper and the boiled liver with curry to it and mix well.

8. Allow to cook for 2 - 3 minutes, when cooked, serve hot with chicken.

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All this knowledge you have gotten, make a change today, tell us you can do more.

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