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#Ondo2020: Why PDP Must Beware Of Ondo Deputy Governor, Agboola Ajayi

WandeTAjayi 06/25/2020

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The past five days have been the most interesting since the electioneering period kicked off in Ondo State. The beloved Arakunrin Kekere bade Arakunrin goodbye after all. The strange bedfellows woke up from their slumbers. The choice of Agboola Ajayi as deputy by Rotimi Akeredolu is a testament to the fact that the latter is not a deep thinker and always make the wrong choice. He should never have been Governor. 

In the Nigerian political system, choosing your deputy as a gubernatorial candidate is not a decision you rush into. Agboola is deceptive and must have played his game well to have earned Akeredolu's trust within that very short period. Akeredolu emerged from a consensus and chose DG of his pre-primary campaign as his Deputy. There was a feeling Agboola was on the ticket cause of his deep pocket and the believe of his mastery of politics.

Agboola Ajayi has only done one thing all his life; play politics. Agboola Ajayi has a record for being very knavish who would be on the ticket for a sole reason; to succeed his boss. He was an illiterate who became councillor, chairman of local council and then house of representatives. Akeredolu should never had underrated him.

After their swearing in, actions of Akeredolu made some of us believe there was a pact that Agbo would succeed him. He gave him total freedom to play the political game of the government. Agboola, being a practical politician saw the opportunity and took it. He used the medium to spread his tentacles.

The PDP administration they displaced had bequeathed an elected local government set of executives to them. Agboola knew the grassroots is the best way to the heart of the people and quickly effected the sack of the LG Chairmen and their councillors. Those whom he sacked a few years ago will now decide his fate in the coming weeks.

Despite the general believe that Agboola is politically witty, it was he who led their camp to the AA and utter failure. If he'd been that sophisticated, he would have won the southern senatorial seat with his friend and political associate, Dr. Felder on the AA ticket. They came a distant third and that calls for serious concern.

The PDP must be wary of the kind of baggage Agboola is. He reminds me of the story of Xaro Xhoan Daxos in the Game Of Thrones series. He had a very big empty vault in his home.He alone has access to the vault. Everyone believed he was the richest in the city and they made him king. The naivity of Akeredolu is the key to Agboola's big empty vault.

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Top Comments
shinyloveTv · 06/25/2020
Gbas Gbos writer........let your own life be meaningful to you. I equally believed that you must have even been helped by the Deputy Governor before cos he's a generous man.
DareOyekanmiJames · 06/25/2020
Mr writer,tell ur Educated Governor to focus and leav Agboola alone

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