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If You Have A Gas Cylinder At Home, Don't Do These Things To Avoid Explosion

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1. Making calls

Please, if you have a gas cylinder at home, avoid making calls close it. The habit of making calls close to a cylinder is very dangerous, it could cause an explosion.

2. Do not shake your gas cylinder

Many of us are fund of shaking our gas cylinders to check if it is finished or not, this is very wrong as it could cause a serious explosion and in the process you could die.

Please don't kill your self by something that could be prevented.

Anytime you realise that your gas is about finishing, don't shake it instead go and refill it.

3. Don't fail to replace faulty cylinders

If you notice that your cylinder is faulty, do not manage it, anything concerning gas should not be managed, it could take your life.

Please, if you have any cylinder leaking or faulty, do not hesitate to change it with immediate effect.

4. Don't fail to have an extinguisher

Don't say you will be very careful, no one wishes for havoc, it happens unknowingly.

A little fire outbreak might just occur and you never can tell, the fire extinguisher might just be what you need at that moment to save your life.

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GUEST_0ZP1j06jd · 07/5/2020
Don't switch on your gas Stove before looking for matches.
+234-0802683**** · 06/26/2020
AmicableUmoh · 07/25/2020
ogbonnajosephine · 07/24/2020
ok thanks

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