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Use unripe pawpaw, pure honey and clean water to cure these infections

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The fact that nobody is impervious to one illness or the other can not be underestimated as a typical human being is subject to weakness after he/she has worked all the day. This process of working bring about fatigue one way or the other. When we experienced such weakness we quickly grabbed that we need one drug or two to get our energy restored.

However, when will are I'll at times we take drugs but it doesn't have any effect on curing the illness. Alternatively, we would like to consider our locally made herb which is a replica of the tablet drugs we often used. But most of us ignore them at the expense of taking drugs as we believe drugs are the only cure to our illness. Is this true?. No, it is not. There are locally made herbs that prevent and cure all curable illness.

One of the herbs is the one I'm guiding you on how to make in this article. This herb prevents and cure all form of infection that is curable like high blood pressure, headache, stomachache, malaria, typhoid etc.

Read carefully the steps to making the herb below.

Follow the instructions below to make the herb that prevents and cure all curable illness:

Step 1: get an unripe pawpaw, a 50cl empty bottle and a 50cl pure honey.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Step 2: slice this unripe pawpaw into pieces that can fit into the empty 50cl bottle with the seed inherent in it.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Step 3: fill the bottle's content fully with pure water, leave the solution for three days for fermentation.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Step 4: after three days, sieve the solution and separate the water from the already sliced pawpaw.

Step 5: pour the water solution into into two new 25cl bottles leaving the slice pawpaw in the first 50cl bottle for recycling.

Step 6: divide 25CL bottle of pure honey equally into two, mix one of the already divided honey with the first 25cl water solution and the other to the second 25cl water solution. After the mixture of this water solution with the pure honey as explained above, shake well for proper mixture.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Usage: one seaman alcoholic drink's cup will be used as measurement cup. One cup should be taken every morning. Live an healthy live.

Like and comment below if you find any step unclear for a much clearer explanation. Thanks.

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YusuffAyoolaSaheed · 07/1/2020
thanks so much may God bless you
DanielAbu_04 · 07/7/2020
can diabetic patient take it
GUEST_4Rn7r78Qb · 10/18/2020
Honey powder nee
AshuaJamesOdey · 10/17/2020
thanks but your explanation is not clear

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