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Access Bank responds to customers' complaints and revokes Stamp Duty Charges

A_Annabelle_E 06/29/2020

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Access Bank has listened to the massive flood of complaints from its customers regarding its recent deduction of cumulative stamp charges.

The bank failed to deduct these charges between February and April this year, and recently initiated debits for them.

These were supposed to be for the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) mandated stamp duty charges that ought to have been taken by all banks on all credits above ten thousand naira received into customers' accounts.

Access Bank initially stated that, for unavoidable reasons, there was a failure to act on these charges at the right time. It went on to apologize to customers for the inconvenience and ask those with insufficient funds in their accounts to credit their accounts.

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However, on receiving a deluge of complaints, the bank has revoked the charges and taken the step of covering these charges for it's customers – a heavy price to pay for negligence.

The bank issued another statement to announce this, to the relief of customers.

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Are you an Access Bank customer? Were you affected by the charges? What are your thoughts?

Source: opera.com
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