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iphone Partners Android To Add COVID-19 Tracing Feature On Phones (See Where To Find It)

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. There is a false message going viral on social media platforms, claiming that a COVID-19 exposure application has been installed into both iphones and Android phones secretly without users' consent.

Although there is a bit of truth in the rumour, it is actually not what is rumoured. IPhone and Android have not installed any application on phones, but have inserted a feature called the COVID-19 contact tracing system, jointly built by Android and IOS, to enable a user detect when a he/she gets close to a COVID-19 reported patient. The feature is called the COVID-19 Exposure Notification, which is on both Android and iPhone devices.

Hence, this faults the message going viral, as it lacks merit. The Exposure Notification feature will only work if a user turns it on and downloads and install a supporting application that will enable it to work by tracing and notifying the user when he /she is close to someone who has COVID-19.

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This feature is a welcome development in times like this, and it is a big Kudos to IOS and Android for partnering in times like this in order to develop a system to contain this deadly virus.

Many may be surprise to find this feature hidden on their phones, while many may not know how to locate it. Hence, this is how to locate the feature on your phones:

If you are using an Iphone supported by iOS 13.5 and later, head to Settings on your iPhone, swipe down and tap the Privacy tab and choose Health. Then you will see the COVID-19 Exposure Logging tab at the top where you can learn more about it.

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For Android, move to settings, and click on the Google tab, and there you will see the COVID-19 exposure notification tabs where you can click on to learn more. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Please let's shun the false news and embrace the new technology when it actually kicks off. This is a bid by IOS and Android to drive out COVID-19 from our world.

What's your opinion, Are you pleased with this? Let's hear from you.

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