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FICTION: Alter Ego(An unwanted guest)

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When I said those words to him, he didn't waste another time as he pulled my face closer and kissed the hell out of me. Inside of me, I yearned for more, and the burning desire in him, made him forget he was just a visitor in my house as he scooped me from where I sat and lay me down on the three-seater cushion in my sitting room. 

I was all charged up for whatever it is he has in mind for me at that moment as I kept responding to his kisses and touches. I realized I had missed him and wanted nothing but to have a feel of what it felt like, the first time he touched me. Alfred has a way of making me want and desire him. I can't really place it but he has a way of making me feel moist in between my legs even without touching me physically. Maybe because I seem to fancy him a lot or probably because I've never met another who catches my fancy just like he does. 

He was still kissing me when I felt his hand on my lap, slowing moving up and down my legs, thereby causing a nerve-racking sensation through my body. The work of his hand was gradually having an effect on me as faint moans kept escaping my mouth. I was beginning to forget that I was lying down in my family's sitting room and not a hotel of any sort as I've lost all traces of shyness in me and was waiting to reciprocate his act when I heard a slight push on the door and the words that followed suite, was, “oh, sorry” and the door was slammed back. 

That was my younger sister and immediately, we quickly stood up and adjusted our disheveled appearances and tried to act as nothing happened but deep down, we felt embarrassed and wished we hadn't been caught by anyone, let alone, the baby of the house. I was more embarrassed than Alfred who only sat back, smiling at God knows what. 

“What's funny?” I asked him shyly.

“Nothing,” he replied to me.

“Then why were you smiling?” I asked him further.

“Because I never thought our reconciliation would end up being this sensual, you know?” he replied with a smirk on his face.

I bowed my head, slightly feeling embarrassed but he wasn't done with me yet.

“You know, it's high time you stop being shy about these things and start accepting the fact that your boss here has feelings for you and therefore, requires that you start acting like a sophisticated lady.”

“But I haven't even said yes to you yet, so why the rule?”

“And who says I'm waiting for a yes when the answer is written all over your face.”

“That's not true.” I tried acting tough but my actions kept saying otherwise.

“Is that so?” he asked me as he stood up while approaching me with a seductive smile.

I knew what he was trying to do and even though I wanted it just like he does, I wouldn't want my sisters or worst still, my mother walking in on us while making out. I wouldn't even know what explanation to give to her if she sees me in the act as I'm yet to cook up an explanation for what my younger sister would've told my mom after walking in on us, making out. 

I stood up immediately and tried to stop him but it was too late as he shoved me to the wall and kissed me. He stopped, looked into my eyes, and then asked me, “So you were saying?”

I felt glued to the wall and couldn't alter a word to him as I kept staring at him like a lost sheep. “What's wrong? You lack words right now? I thought you were feeling confident about your answer earlier on? What changed? Is it about the way I kiss you or the way I make you feel?” he asked me, still staring at me.

“I...I...I think, I mean, yes!” I replied to him, stuttering.

“Yes, to what exactly?”

“Yes, to the way you make me feel.”

“So you've accepted defeat now? Does it automatically mean, a yes to my proposal?”

“Yes! It is.”

He pulled me to a warm embrace and screamed, “that's my girl.” I couldn't help but smile at how overjoyed he seemed. I had been waiting for this moment for a very long time now. I never thought that this day would even surface, let alone, seeing Alfred this warm and cozy towards me. I've always longed for these words to be said by him, and not just said but acted upon and now that it is here, I feel like I've achieved a very big task. 

“Now that you've gotten your desired answer, can I get back to what I was doing before you came?” I asked him.

“I'm sorry but what were you doing before I came here?”

“I was job hunting.”

“How about being my secretary?”

“But I already said, no to that.”

“Why? You think I would treat you less?”

“Not that.”

“Then what?”

“I think there would be more distraction.”

“From me or from you?”

“From us.”

He laughed and said, “I don't mix business with pleasure. So if that's your worry then you have no worries at all.”

“But, what if it distracts us from the company's goal? What then?”

“I am the company and I am telling you now, that it won't distract our goal except maybe, you don't want to be around me and if that's why you're giving me all these excuses, then it's fine. I will fix you up some other place, you would feel comfortable and free from me.”

I could feel the little sadness in his voice while he spoke, as he tried hiding it with a smile across his lips. “You don't have to hide your dissatisfaction with my move. It is ok to feel bad about it but what I don't like is the fact that you pretend to feel ok by it when deep down, you don't. Stop hiding your pain and sadness, it will only grow us apart. I know you're used to getting your way with everything but not having what you want now won't reduce you or make you less of a human. In fact, it's ok not to be in control of everything. At least, allow others to take the wheel sometimes.”

He looked at me and smiled. 

“You know sometimes I wonder how much power you have over me. Your words, your actions, always have a way of melting the hard side of me. I used to think that my mother was the only one that has control over me. Now it makes more sense while in spite of my cruel nature towards you, you seem to care about the other side of me. I don't think anyone could endure half of what you took from me? You're special, Celine, and I can't trade you for anything. That's how much my heart beats for you.”

“I have loved you right from the moment you wheeled yourself out of your room, the day your mom brought me in. It is because of my feelings for you, I could endure every one of your tantrums towards me. Every time I tried giving up, I keep loving you the more and it became my weakness. Till the day I left the mansion, I never stopped loving you. That was how madly in love, I was with you and I don't regret everything that has happened in the past.”

While we were both having our emotional moment, his phone beeped twice, thereby distracting our conversation. He excused himself to know what the message was about and from who when he saw these words, “Out of sight may be out of mind but to me, you can never be out of my mind as your memories still in my heart. We share a bond that can never be broken and with that bond, lies our unending love for each other. I know I've hurt your feelings and I know you're angry with me but trust me, I never stopped loving you even after leaving the country for Canada. I just want an audience with you, that's all I ask. Just one chance to prove myself to you again, I beg you. Yours sincerely, A.”

He opened his mouth but couldn't say a word. I saw the look on his face while he read the supposed text but had no idea who it was from. I know I have no business asking him what the message was saying but something in me kept telling me it wasn't a good one. He seemed angry all of a sudden but I kept myself from asking him what the problem was. I just wanted him to open up to me without me asking. Which he did and I couldn't believe my ears when he told me what it was and who it was from. 

Anita is back and she wants my man.

To be continued...

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