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My experience, walking in the streets of Lagos as a curvy lady (Fiction)

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My experience, walking in the streets of Lagos as a curvy lady (Fiction)

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We all know curvy ladies hide their body back then to avoid being embarassed in the society.

Over the last few years, curvy girls have become more accepted as the image of what a real woman looks like especially on the internet. 

Though it can be quite embarrassing at times seeing numerous eyes staring at you in public, wherever I went I always get noticed.

When I was younger I would look back, with an annoyed kind of, “what are you looking at?” but as I get older, I’m much more comfortable in my own skin. 

What annoys me most then was walking around places such as Yaba market where most of the traders are young men, what they do is pull you here (pretend to call you to patronize them) and there till you will be tempted to give them a dirty slap.

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I’ve never been a flashy type of dresser and I’ve always despised the stereotype image, that I remember while growing up, seeings and sayings in street, among ladies—that dressing in flashy clothes and skin tight clothes gives you good luck in midst of men and in the society.

Seeing curvy ladies who work in offices, most especially nurses, had their cleavage busting out all over. 

It disgusted me and still does. I still refuse to be that woman. Why should I?

I remember seeing a woman been disrespected by men and women because no doubt she had the good shape but don't know how to manage herself, she had hip of her buttocks showing in public and don't have anything to cover, "when you are not a prostitute"

For example if you know you have a potbelly, you shouldn't put on clothes that will put your potrudding belly on display.

 Even at an early age, I knew that skin-tight reputation was a personal image that I didn’t want. I also knew that skin-tight would show my body’s flaws.

I love fashion. There’s no doubt about that. I am a proud curvy (most of the time I refer to myself as a “proud medium-sized”) woman because I know the image I want to project and have learned how to dress as myself in a professional environment.

Whenever am going on an outing, I tend to choose items that aren’t too tight, but do hug my curves. I’m blessed to have a vivacious figure and while I am still young enough to have it, I will be proud of it.

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