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Yemi-Kola: Powerful Success Tips For Fearless Hustlers On The Streets

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"By fervent prayer, a man lessens traffics in his life. By hardworking, he enjoys the fruits of his labor." Yemi-Kola

"Women are one of the Apparatus of Success and Missiles of Destruction. It all depends on the Wise men and the Foolish ones." Yemi-Kola

"Wisdom is knowing what to do and doing it. Foolishness is knowing what to do and procrastinating it." Yemi-Kola

"A good success requires a good sacrifice." Yemi-Kola

"What will make you valuable most cost you." Yemi-Kola

"If you predict where you are going tomorrow, prepare today." Yemi-Kola

"A positive thinker is an antidote to problems." Yemi-Kola

"No one cares about you until you have something good to offer humanity." Yemi-Kola

"Sin makes it harder. Purity makes it easier." Yemi-Kola

"Integrity is better than having a College Degree." Yemi-Kola

"If your dreams do not give you sleepless nights, That's the end of your limit." Yemi-Kola

"Goals, focus, bookworm, one friend, one girlfriend. That's Private reinforcement". Yemi-Kola

"God is obligated to a giver that never looks at the cost of his giving." Yemi-Kola

"A productive woman has no time for an undefined relationship.” Yemi-Kola

"Do what you love doing. It is your gift for living a prosperous life on earth and making life better for others." Yemi-Kola

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"He that is afraid to take a risk will live to serve risk-takers in life." Yemi-Kola

"Every man has a destined woman. And every woman has a destined man. But he that wants to taste all fruits will end up eating the poisonous one." Yemi-Kola

"A novice to money is a slave to money. But he that swells money is wise" Yemi-Kola

"Pay attention to the sayings of an Old Man because the moral Lessons of Life is a True Life Story" Yemi-Kola

"Safeguard your self from any scandal now. Else, Your enemy uses it against you when you become a prominent person in society." Yemi-Kola

"Pursue what is impossible to catch in the eye of men by putting your trust in God. There, you will see there's nothing to hard to do if the Master of the Universe is involved." Yemi-Kola

"The spirit of gambling is a false hope. He that gamble sows a seed of poverty to the company." Yemi-Kola

"The difference between a visionary man and a mere man is the capacity to foreseen odds." Yemi-Kola

"Better days start from a breastfeeding mother and a responsible father." Yemi-Kola

"To be liberated from poverty, a costly sacrifice must be paid. To contain wealth, generosity must be an attitude." Yemi-Kola

"If you don't fight hard you won't get what is meant for you. Life itself is not fair; only those that have a Lion's heart face it with courage." Yemi-Kola

"Truth hurts. But only those willing to learn and grow, embrace the pain." Yemi-Kola

"Peace abide where there is genuine Love and Unity." Yemi-Kola

"A wise man builds his own house no matter how little his income is. But he that says let me gather first will never have man enough to start." Yemi-Kola

"He who flees from women is wiser than he who thinks he can overcome her." Yemi-Kola

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