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Remember the Air Force Serviceman that returned 41,500 Dollars he Found

Loverman 06/25/2020

The issues of someone returning lost money that was found is something only few people can do, like if someone See's such a huge amount of money and he is owing debt or he probably got no money and food he won't consider returning it to the owner but use it in settling all his heart desire and pay-off his debt. But there are some people that will probably return it because of their home- training descipline, and their contentment.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. In the year 2019 a man named Bashir Umar, a member of the Nigerian Air-Force, has returned a parcel to it's owner that contained $41,500 dollars in cash the Air force says. Instead of keeping it, he returned it by contacting the number he saw in the parcel which turned out to be the contact for the money owner.

He said he found the bag containg £37,000 euro ($415,000 dollars) in cash.

Bashir Umar is a member of the Nigeria Force's Mobile Air Defence that was deployed to Kano Airport for security duties.

The Air Force in a statement said he was in a routinal patrol duty with his colleagues when he found the parcel containining the lost money.

Instead of keeping it he found a phone number on the parcel which turned out to be the contact of the money owner. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

The Nigerian Air Force said Mr. Umar will now be rewarded "so as to encourage other personel of the service", the Air Force says exactly how he will be rewarded is not clear.

Such an honest man should be rewarded so as to encourage him and others, to continue to be honest.

Any word for this honest man?

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Top Comments
iduamedu · 06/25/2020
such amount of money is mobile phone that u can say it fall down from ur picket, so how can someone lost such amount of money in cash? how?? how??? how???? is it tubers of Yam?
MacdonaldOffia · 06/26/2020
Na poverty go kill some people for dis country
AdakoleEric · 06/26/2020
it's had happened to me ,the person gave me N150 from over a million I found,I can never make such again
GodwinOmeiza · 06/26/2020
if na me I no go return the money

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