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Before You Go To Bed: Say These Words Of Prayers To Round Up Your Day In A Right Tone (29-06-2020)

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King of Kings, Lord of Lords, we come with her hearts full of praise, dominion, Majesty amd honor. We want to appreciate your Holy Name this night. We thank you for making us be partakers of this day. You woke us up sound and healthy without any cause of alarm. Some of our friends woke up with some infirmities disturbing them, some passed to the grave beyond, but here we are worthy to be counted among the living of Today. We bless your Holy Name Father Lord.

We thank you for giving us the strength to go out to our different places of endeavours. Some went out but didn't come back, it's not that we are lucky, it's just by your infinite grace upon our lives. Father, we know that as humans we might have erred in our course of activities today, be it in words, thoughts and actions. We say may you forgive us and make us whiter than Snow.

Father Lord, as I lay my head down to sleep, I commit my soul into your hands to keep, watch and guard me through the night, and wake me with the morning light. Father, you know my worries and care for my troubles. May your overwhelming wings protect me this night. Guide and protect me Father Lord in Jesus Name We have prayed...AMEN.

If today words of prayers touched you this night, kindly share this prayer to the World, like and follow me for more Daily Devotional Prayers.

Have a wonderful night guys... See you tomorrow.

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