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Manchester United win over Sheffield United means the pressure is now on Chelsea

muhammadurabiu20 06/24/2020

Manchester United have now gone 13 matches unbeaten in all competitions, their longest ever run since 2016/2017. They are now two points behind 4th place Chelsea who have a game in hand tomorrow against Manchester City, it will really be a tough game for the blues (Chelsea).

Since the Arrival of Bruno Fernandes, we've seen a completely different Manchester United side. Fans have been dying to see the midfield partnership of Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba. The two Midfielders started today's game and played alongside each other. Both players did not record neither a goal nor assist in today's game against Sheffield United.

While everyone thought Bruno and Pogba were going to work their Magic, their number 9 Anthony Martial stepped up and scored his first career hat trick and the first Manchester United player to score a hat trick since Robbie Van Persie in 2013. Martial scored the only goals of today's game vs Sheffield United.

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What do you think, will Bruno Fernandes and Paul Pogba be the midfield matros for United in the future?

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MuhammaduRabiu · 06/24/2020
united all the way

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