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The CBN/NIRSAL Loan scheme: A wealth creation strategy of Governor Uzodimma's administration

Chibobo 06/26/2020


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History, was made in Imo State, on Wednesday, 17th of June, 2020, when the Executive Governor of Imo State, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, declared open, the 5-Day Capacity Building Workshop for participants in the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN)/NIRSAL Business Support and Recovery Loan Scheme, which he attracted to Imo State through the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, with the stepdown transformer, in the person of Hon Barr Kingsley Ononuju (Ekwedashike), a proven workaholic and true apostle of Project Hope.

This is the first time, such awesome economic development and wealth creation project will happen in Imo State and this is equally in tune with the Shared Prosperity thrust of the new Imo Government as captured in the 3R-Vision of Rehabilitation, Reconstruction and Recovery.

With the goal of empowering 3,500 Imo people in one fell swoop, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, has indeed proven to the world that he is determined on the onerous task of taking the poor masses of the state out of precarious poverty.

According to the Governor, " Nothing is indeed more important in life than supporting people to excel by empowering them with opportunities, tools and finance. For all people, talents and destinies, come in different forms and as the government of Imo State, we aspire to change for the better, destinies, talents and opportunities for our people hence our drive for Prosperity Agenda."

Today, Imo people, especially, the selected participants from the 27 Local Government Areas for the loan scheme are upbeat as Governor Uzodimma ushers them into a new era of economic recovery and prosperity.

When Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, emerged as the sixth democratically elected Governor of Imo State, he came with a clear vision of Backward Integration as a development strategy, which will benefit poor people and the rural areas.

Without doubt, all the actions Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma has taken so far in office, have been driven by a passionate desire to serve Imo people with sincerity of purpose and improve the lot of the poor masses of Imo State, who until his emergence as Governor, have not been fortunate enough to have a good and people-oriented leader like late Dee Sam Mbakwe, who was an iconic leader by every measure or yardstick.

In his quest to provide result-driven and purposeful leadership with the poor masses as his prime focus, Distinguished Senator Hope Uzodinma, has assented to many bills as passed by the hard working Imo House of Assembly, which is in perfect synergy with the executive arm of government for quick delivery of goals.

The bills include, The Imo State Waste Management Bill, which seems to establish a State Waste Management Agency, that will help to address issue of indiscriminate dumping of refuse. It also aims at converting waste to wealth and as it were, the process is on.

The Consolidation of Land Use Charges bill, which will end land grabbing in the State.

Bill for the prevention of Corona Virus in the State.

The bill on Licensing and Control of Oil Mills, which when fully applied, will end the perennial pillaging of government-owned oil mills. It will also contribute immensely to economic development of the State.

The Autoumous Community, Traditional Rulers and other Matters Law, meant to repeal the draconian Community Government Council Law, which turned Traditional Rulers in the State into politicians in disguise.

Worthy of mention is the Bill, which repealed the Pension Law of 2007, as enacted by the Achike Udenwa administration for former Governors, their deputies, Speakers and deputy Speakers. The bill, which has been signed into law by Governor Hope Uzodinma, stopped the impunity of former public office holders, who had hitherto, drained Imo Treasury. Interestingly, Governor Uzodimma assented to the Executive Bill, regardless of the fact that it will affect him.

Governor Uzodimma has also taken steps to control the lingering yearly flooding in Owerri by constructing and rehabilitating six roads that house the main drainage systems in Owerri and with that the City has been flood-free since the commencement of this year's rainy season.

The foregoing are a few amongst many of his outstanding people-driven achievements and just recently, Governor Uzodimma, attracted the NNPC, SEPLAT's $1.2m medical facility to Imo State.

The good news is that to the Governor, nothing has yet been done. There are many legacy projects in the pipeline, including industrialization. He loves the poor masses of Imo, he wants them to be happy, healthy and live a productive life. 

That is why he made the CBN/NIRSAL collateral-free loan entirely free. The people are happy. The echoes are reverberating in the land and the impact will endure for generations yet unborn.

It would be recalled that before now, the Governor in a clear and undiliuted display of magnanimity sacrificed his Security Vote for the payment of salaries and development of Imo State.

According to an Igbo adage, great men are born and not made, so it is with distinguished Senator Hope Uzodimma, whose humble and steady rise to greatness and prominence, irrespective of daunting challenges is nothing but divine.

Governor Hope Uzodinma, is a man always driven by the passion for humanity, that is why his benevolence and philanthropy are unrivaled.



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Top Comments
+234-703807**** · 06/27/2020
No matter how you wash, oil, comb and dress a pig, a pig still remains a pig. Senator Hope Uzodinma can never be a Saint as you want us to believe, with this plethora of fraudulent cases hanging on his neck, no thanks to the IMMUNITY CLAUSE. All the fraudulent charges against him are there waiting for him anytime he steps down as a Governor so said the EFCC chairman Mr. Magu.
ChinemeremGinikanwa · 06/28/2020
I wonder who are the beneficiaries of this. The poor masses does not even know when and where the training took place. please stop lying to imolites politicians hijacked the process to
ChymaUzomaIbeh · 06/28/2020
This is blatant lies. Barr Kingsley Ononuju claim here is bogus and intended to deceive some ignorant Imolites. The NIRSAL is a Federal Government program powered by the CBN with offices in the 36 states and FCT. Many have already been trained NDE as one of the EDI and have since participated in the scheme since the beginning of 2020. Credit should be given to the FGN and not to Barr Kingsley Ononuju and co.
NnamdiAnozie · 06/27/2020
yes good the record are there for people to see

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