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List Of States That May Go For Second Total Lockdown On The Month Of July 2020

FastUpdates 06/26/2020

It is well noted that for the last couple of months, all the school was shut down by the federal government In a bid to curtail the expanse of the COVID-19 virus among the students and people.

A few months ago has seen the country reopening other business sectors but failing to reopen schools due to this global pandemic.

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The President had made a declaration on democracy day to ease the lockdown, but before then, he has also granted power on all state governments to lift the lockdown on their respective states. Meanwhile, all religious centers have been reopened in other states but the Lagos state government has not officially reopened its church activities due to the persistence increase of the deadly virus among the people.

The rate in which the coronavirus do increase in some state in Nigeria is quite disheartening and the government would do everything possible to see that the deadly virus is put on hold.

See the increasing Statistics of the COVID-19 in Nigeria as of 25 July 2020, this is officially reported and recorded by the (NCDC).

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See some states that may Go on the second lockdown in July due to the increasing stats of their COVID-19 patients.

Lagos - 9482

FCT - 1656

Oyo - 1188

Edo - 851

Delta -715

Rivers - 936

Kano - 1191

Kaduna - 668

Ogun - 733

Kastina - 459

Gombe - 482

Bayelsa - 184

These listed states may be forced to impose lockdown by their government in July if the contagious virus continues to increase at this rate.

The Covid-19 Pandemic is real, Pls always wash your hand with medicated soap and water for a minimum of 25 seconds and maintain strict social distancing.

Remember Good Health Is Wealth.

May God Help Us to Fight Away This Deadly Virus Causing Havoc Everywhere in Jesus' Name.


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Top Comments
VictorTobechukwuOyeka · 06/26/2020
The truth of the matter is that CoronaVirus is REAL, Another bitter truth about everything is that it has bn politicized and commercialized. Those clamoring for another Lockdown are those who have financial interests in it. The Government should simply tell what they used in treating those that were discharged, that's all. Nigerians can take care of themselves. we have always bn on our own. What was the effect of the first Lockdown, zero. Politicians are busy embezzling the money budgeted for the management of Covid 19, looting money meant for Palliatives. The same people are calling for a 2nd lockdown so they can continue stealing tax payers money. Most public sectors have resumed economic activities, eg markets, banks, football competitions. Why is the Government still holding the Church and worship centers from resuming. There's God oooh. Everybody that's taking selfish advantage of the Covid 19 to exploit Nigerians will not go unpunished. Continue advocating for another lockdown, God will intercept them at right time. May CoronaVirus visit everybody that has ulterior motive about it.
MosesAli_10 · 06/26/2020
Whoever that support another lockdown shall die by accident in Jesus name ... nonsense people
GUEST_nZPL4lJEZ · 06/26/2020
i think the only way forward is to do the needful by lockdown before it's too late because the people don't believe it's really which is a serious disaster for me....... particularly in Delta State
UzoamakajoyOkpeke · 06/26/2020
Doubting Thomas everywhere, don't worry until it get to your door then you'll believe and follow the guidelines given, now hospitals are rejecting covid-19 patients bcs everywhere is filled up, here some are saying that it's a game of politics. is even better that you don't see the covid patient with ur eyes bcs if you see eeh, you'll cry ur eyes out that day.

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