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Premier League Confirms One New Covid19 Case In Latest Testing

ItzSwayne 06/29/2020

According to Skysports media, the Premier league has confirmed one new case of Corona virus infection in it's 11th round of mass testing which commenced since May.

The tests took place between Monday June 22nd and Sunday June 28th. In the recent test, which is the second mass test to be carried out after the resumption of the Premier league since June 17th, 2250 football players, club staff and coaching crew among the 20 premier league teams were tested and only one tested positive. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

However, the body did not disclose who the person is or which club he plays for, they said they had advised the individual to go into self isolation for further recuperation.

The Premier League regulating bodies carry out these routine tests every new football week, while clubs are advised to carry out individual tests on their staff and players at least twice a week to maintain the integrity of the competition. So that the season can be finished without any further delay. While maintaining a healthy environment for the football players.

So far, only 19 people has tested positive to the tests carried out by the premier league, out of 14307 individuals that were tested. A ratio that is less than 0.13%.

We wish whoever the player or football staff is, a speedy recovery and hopefully researchers discover a groundbreaking turnaround on time, concerning this virus. Stay safe.

Source: opera.com
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