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How avoid making mistakes during Npower registration process

Hasken_matasa 06/24/2020


If you really want to get an Npower assignment by choosing a batch from 2020, there are some guidelines and procedures to follow. When Npower launches the portal for the C 2020 package application this year on June 26, you must follow these instructions.

Registration Guide for Npower Batch C 2020

1. If you have changed your name because of marriage, please ensure that it reflects the certificate you are applying for.

2. If you have not changed your name, use the name as it appears on the document and in your bank account.

3. Apply, don't forward your application to coffee employees

Coffee machines like to make mistakes if they are not under their supervision. If the coffee worker needs to do this for you, you must be there to correct the mistakes he will make.

4. Check why you are applying before submitting.

5. One of the most important things is to make sure that your account number is active and linked to your bvn.

6. To avoid unmatched name problems, unmatched BVN, etc., fill out the online application form, when your name appears on the certificate and bank account number.

There might be a problem with unmatched names if all your documents and IDs are Timmy Abby. However, fill out the Timmy Abbey application form at k.

If your name is Tariye, do not enter Tariye when applying.

We have found that more than 70% of beneficiaries currently face one or several other questions using names that are slightly different in spelling but have the same meaning and interpretation. Avoid it.

Before registering for NPOWER, carefully check your bank details and register your name in the same way as for your bank details, namely H. ACCOUNTS AND BANKS. If not, you can save a scholarship when you are employed. You can spend up to 6 months without a scholarship before adjusting.

So if you use two names but your bank details contain three names, register with three names. If you use three names, but your bank details are two, enter in both names.

1 => Register your name as it appears in your account name and BVN. If your account name is Muhammad, register it when you write Mohammed that is wrong!

2 => Don't use quotes in your name because BVN cannot accept them, e.g. Mua'zu, Sa'idu, Syafi'u, A'isha e.t.c.

3 => Don't use abbreviations when registering, e.g. LAWAL SANI KANOMA did not write LAWAL SANI K or UMAR B AHMAD, incorrectly wrote LAWAL SANI or wrote it in full LAWAL SANI KANOMA because BVN could not accept the abbreviation.

4 => Avoid changing the letters in the spelling of your name, e.g. If your name is Bashar, don't write Bashir or Bashiru, that's wrong, if your name is AISHA, don't write Aishat or Aishatu, that's wrong, if your name is Kabiru, don't write Kabir, that's wrong!

5 => Avoid using symbols, dashes or periods when writing your name, e.g. Abdul-Rahman, wrote it down completely, ABDURRAHMAN. Please tell our family and friends about others to reduce the number of UNPAID Npower volunteers this time.

Some reasons why you might not be paid are:

1. Does not match BVN.

2. If you have the appropriate BVN but your name does not match. At least two names must match

3. Bank accounts that are not linked to BV

4. Give the Nuban account number. The Nuban account number is a 10 digit account number.

5. Use a NYSC account that only accepts 19,000 naira and cannot receive 30,000 naira.

Congratulations before.

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