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What would have happened between Nigeria and Ghana if Buhari was Obasanjo Olusegun

PhilFactHola 06/24/2020

If Chief Obasanjo were to be the President today...he would have declare the Ghanaian incident as an act of war, a terror attack in order to keep the black stars on their toes.

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If Ebora Owu were to be in government, by now, Ghana would have learned a bitter lesson because everything called Ghana in Nigeria would have become history. 

If Baba Iyabo were to be the President today, Nigeria would have shown to Ghana that we have teeth and fangs that we could use to cause harms to Ghana.

If General Okikiola were to be around today as the President, Ghanaian government would have been compelled to fish out the perpetrators quickly and inflict sharp and painful punishment for those involved.

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If Balogun of Owu were to be the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria today, Nigeria would have bared her fangs against Ghana for punishment, deterrent and posterity.

If Aremu were to be the President, Ghanaian would by now be made to pay dearly for this affront! Nigeria would have protested violently and imposed adequate sanctions against the Ghanaian government.

The bitter truth is that no country in Africa messed with Nigeria during Obasanjo era.Unfortunately, Nigeria now lacks leadership. Since Ghana struck little oil, Nigeria became a piece of dung to them. 

Since Buhari came, Niger now controls some LGA in Nigeria, Chadian soldiers invade our territory at will. Now Ghana just spit on our faces and Nigeria asking questions! Nigeria is now the dwarf of Africa. These Fulanises have finished us.

The incompetence of this government is bringing shame and humiliation to her citizens. Enough of sentiment and docility. If Olusegun Obasanjo were to be the President now, this thing will not be happening.

The big question is: ls it possible for an Oba in Lagos to take a bulldozer, walks into a US embassy in Victoria Island in Lagos and demolishes it just like that without people in the corridors of power giving a serious knock? If it were to be a US embassy, will Ghana demolish it?

Giant of Africa indeed! How has the mighty fallen! When a father dances naked in the market square, he loses respect. Since our President won't respond appropriately, let's wait for the 2023 to shop for a sound candidate to lead us. Nigeria is becoming a failed State. It's high time we renegotiated its cooperate existence

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Top Comments
TundeSanni_01 · 06/27/2020
if Obasanjo is the president of Nigeria,during this time,he will do nothing,because it have no direct effect to him,when Italian government were complaining about nigerians there without verified the allegation he said they should send them back,all nigerian president will not do anything because it doesn't affect them personally,what happened in Ghana doesn't kill cows or Hausa fulani man,if reverse is the case your guess is as good as mine.
+233-20735yyyyu · 06/26/2020
Been under obj or others the deed has been done already and dey have promised to make sure the building is reconstruct back What else do u guys want from them retaliation will rather cause more damage to both country
FemiSegun_06 · 06/24/2020
well spoken if Obasanlo were to be power i can assure you that Boko Haram would have been a tin of the past. No Nigeria soldiers would have been wasted like these it a shame to this Buhari led government. He doesn't gave a clue of what his doing. May the almighty God help us.
NgoziNkwopara · 06/24/2020
Nothing will happen as Ghana will not even be this stupid around OBJ. they all hate and have contempt for Buhari, Nigeria have never been disgraced this badly under any other government.

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