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The Saluki: The Royal Dog of Egypt

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Also known as the Persian Greyhound, the Saluki is one of the oldest living dog breeds in the world. Its origins date back all the way to the earliest Middle Eastern civilizations.

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Also known as the Persian Greyhound, the Saluki is the royal dog of Egypt. In Islamic culture, this breed was sent here by Allah. It also has a lot of positive and interesting traits. Its elegant, refined appearance makes it stand out over other breeds. It’s an extremely friendly dog and makes a great companion.

General information about the Saluki

Height: 23-28 inches.

Weight: 40-60 pounds (males tend to be heavier than females).

Coat: many different colors.

Temperament: it’s a natural hunting dog, and makes a great companion and racing dog.

Origins of the Saluki

The ancestors of this breed go all the way back to the earliest civilizations in the Middle East. They lived in the steppes around cities, and were great companions to nomadic tribes. The nomads used them to help hunt foxes, gazelles, hares, and jackals.

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In 1840, the Saluki started to make its way to England. It still exists today, and is a sophisticated, highly-respected breed, especially in the Muslim world.


The Saluki is a calm, intelligent dog. It may seem a bit cold at times, though, as it’s not always super affectionate.

Also known as the Persian Greyhound, it has a nervous character. Saluki dogs are often unsure what to do when they’re around strangers.

Another fascinating thing about them is that they have some feline characteristics. For example, they curl up like cats when they sleep. They also clean themselves like cats. This ancient dog has so many fascinating traits.

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This is an elegant breed, with long legs and a straight back. They have a gorgeous appearance. Their ears and tail have a long coat of fur over them. Their fur is also extremely soft and uniquely shiny. On top of that, their long, narrow heads also give them a fascinating appearance. They have dark, almond eyes, and are the image of mystery and exoticism.


The Saluki needs constant company and social activity. These are fundamental parts of its life, because they tend to suffer when they’re alone too much. But you should try not to put it around other breeds with alpha attitudes, as yours could get very anxious.

You want to make sure your Saluki gets to spend a lot of time outdoors. At the same time, this is a breed that needs to sleep inside the home, in a soft, comfy bed.

One nice thing about this breed is that it has a low risk of developing psychosomatic conditions, which often come from too much stress. That kind of thing could do serious damage to a dog’s skin and digestive system. But for the most part, this is a healthy breed.

Tips on buying a Saluki

There are some definite risks involved in buying a Saluki online. Here are some precautions to keep in mind if you’re thinking of doing that:

The seller should show all the information available on this breed. They should also clear up any doubts or questions for you, the buyer.

They should also offer constant updates if it’s still a puppy.

The dog needs to have all the proper documentation. It needs to be listed in a pedigree database, and have proper certification of its breed.

The seller should also give you guarantees about its health. You should get the dog with all the necessary shots and vet check-ups already done.

The place they’re keeping the dog should be in good condition. You’ll want to go check on the seller’s facilities before you take charge of the dog.

You also need to remember that a Saluki puppy has to stay with its mother for at least two months. Don’t separate it from its mother before that time has gone by.

Other care tips

Brush its teeth every week

Keep its claws well-maintained and don’t let them get too sharp.

Bathe it every 6-8 weeks.

You don’t need to trim its fur. 

This breed has sensitive teeth, ears, and eyes. You’ll need to have a vet look at them every once in a while.

Keep its vaccinations up-to-date.

To summarize, the Saluki is a sensitive, delicate dog, and it’s crucial for you to take it to the vet regularly. 

The Saluki makes for a lovely companion, and you won’t regret it if you get one. How could you? This is the royal dog of Egypt, and it has so many amazing traits.

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