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Should a Husband and Wife Operate a Joint Account?

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The modern world is a world defined by social and economic changes that what was obtainable in the ancient time past are no longer obtained in this generation. Many things have changed including the marriage system and the roles assigned to the couples. 

Ab initio, women were seen as housekeeps and depended on the men for their livelihood but in our modern society, there are a good number of women that are the breadwinners of their families even the man is there. This is as a result of the fact that physical strength no longer determines how much money one gets but abstract knowledge and the ability to render social services which in most of the cases, do not demand physical strength. 

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Being that the woman is also not spared of the task of fending for the family, some suggest that the man and the woman have the same account number. Why they proffer this suggestion is to enable them plan together on how the money should be used for the growth of the family. Some have also explained that having a joint account will make it difficult for the man to be squandering his salary on other women outside. 

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However, some are of the opinions that the husband should have his own separate bank account so that he would not be frustrated by his wife. The fear is that being that the wife is a signatory to the joint account, she may actually frustrate the man whenever they are not in good term. There is also the argument that the wife will be monitoring the money he has in his account.

What do you have to say over this? Should a husband and wife operate a joint account? Is it advisable? Let's rub minds together in the comment section.

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