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What will people in the society say

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We are in the era where certain individuals reject medical advice just to avoid WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY... 

You would have break even by now in that business you are yet or refused to establish just because of WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY...

Some Individuals tend to bite more than they can chew in the course of becoming 'popular' and avoiding WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY...

You are dying slowly in that broken, disorganised and dilapidated marital home just to avoid WHAT PEOPLE WILL SAY...

C'mon! The good decisions you take in life should not be affected by WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY. 'They' will not stop making you the TOPIC of their discussion as far as you are still breathing reason being that you are a the TOP... You would have discovered and launched a better version of YOURSELF by now but you are hindered by WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY... Don't be discouraged by what 'they' have said, are saying or will say but be encouraged by what God says about YOU..

Let me crave your indulgence to the fact that GOD says:

"You are above and not beneath"

"I am with you ALWAYS"

"I know the thoughts I have towards you; thoughts of good and not evil, to bring you an expected end"

You know the rest - the list is endless...

The next time you are faced with WHAT WILL PEOPLE SAY, take a deep breath, smile and tell yourself, I AM MORE THAN WHAT PEOPLE SAY. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

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