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Buhari will launch the AKK gas pipeline project on Tuesday

HubBornoState 06/29/2020

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Buhari will launch the AKK gas pipeline project on Tuesday.

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday will inaugurate a gas pipeline project that starts from Ajaokuta through Kaduna and directs in Kano. The 614-kilometer-long pipeline is due to be completed within 12 months, according to The Cable. The 40-foot-wide gas pipeline project will handle 2.2 billion cubic feet of gas every day.

The pipeline will extend from Ajaokuta in Kogi State, and then through Abuja to Niger and Kaduna and thence to Kano state. We understands that this work has been dubbed AKK. Kennie Obateru, chairman of the NNPC's National Oil Coalition, announced this in Abuja.

He said President Buhari would launch the project from a distance living in his palace in Aso Villa, Abuja, in what the Hausa people call 'virtual'. The project will be launched from Rigachukun area of ​​Kaduna State and Ajaokuta Corporation of Kogi State at the same time. While calculating the economic benefits of the project when completed, Obateru said it would increase energy availability in community homes.

He also said it would revive industries especially in the northern part of Nigeria. Chicken said that it would increase the power to close to 3600 megawatts, which would help revitalize the semiconductor industry alone which will provide more than 3 million jobs.

Obateru further said that it is expected that, if completed, the project would provide the energy needed by the industry especially for composting and others. Not to be forgotten, the project was approved by the federal executive council in 2008, and President Buhari's contract was awarded in 2017.

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