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Important Things You Should Know In Life

Rasheeed 1d

Good day readers of Opera Hub. Today I will share with you some important things you are supposed to familiarize yourselves with. Life indeed can be tricky, but the more you know the simpler it becomes for you. Of course knowledge is light and with it, life is easier and less stressful. So, the following are the important things in life I will like you to know:

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If You Consider Yourself A Great Conversationalist Because You Can Dominate The Discussion By Talking At Length, You Are Probably A Terrible Conversationalist

Conversations are a team game. You can be someone who talks more, especially if you’re with a shy person, but even shy people want to feel comfortable voicing their thoughts. If you’re talking 80% or more of the time, you’re not having a conversation, you’re having a monologue. This is even worse if you give the appearance of letting others speak by asking them simple questions just to prompt your next monologue. No one is thankful that you’re using up all the air, and the more you talk, the less inclined people will be to share their thoughts.

Let conversations have a natural back-and-forth. And if you think that your friends/family just don’t have anything to say and prefer listening to you most of the time, you just don’t realize that you’ve become a dominant monologue, and your poor friends/family just put up with it at this point.

It’s Ok To Be Wrong

Being wrong doesn’t make you less of a person. Being wrong does not invalidate you as a human being. No one is right about everything. Refusing to acknowledge new information is more detrimental to your character than your opinion changing when presented with valid information. If your original opinion does not support the valid information then admit it and reevaluate. Your opinion will become more trustworthy and you will have earned respect as a result.

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Linking Paypal To A Bank Account Or Debit Card Limits You To Only Paypal Protection Should Something Go Wrong. Link Your Credit Card Instead

Well, we alk the world we live in today especially here in Nigeria. If something goes wrong, you have your credit card authorization protections if PayPal’s Buyers Protection (which is limited) isn’t enough.

Also, never use Friends and Family if the money isn’t actually going to people you know well and have earned your trust. You can not dispute these transactions at all no matter what. If the person requests you use Friends and Family to avoid the fees, tell them tough noogies.

When A Friend Is Upset, Ask Them One Simple Question Before Saying Anything Else: ‘do You Want To Talk About It Or Do You Want To Be Distracted From It

This is honestly one of the best things you can do for an upset friend. I use it all the time and people respond very well to it. Sometimes people come to you because they need to vent. Comfort them first, then follow up with ‘do you want advice, or do you want me to just listen?’. But other times, they just need to let someone outside of the conflict know what happened, and then they want to talk about something else. Talk about your own day, show them the latest funny thing you saw, go do something fun together. This question sets boundaries and builds trust. It shows you can be there in any way they need.

If You Know Someone Who’s Feeling Low, Is Dealing With A Downturn, Is Feeling Depressed Or Anxious. Do Not Tell Them That They Can Come To Talk To You Or “Dms Are Open”. Go And Actually Talk To Them!

Most people don’t want to be a burden on others, and by saying something that is actually quite noncommittal, you’re not really helping them much by asking them to make the first move apart from feeling good about yourself. Since a lot of people also say this kind of stuff, it’s not easy to figure out if someone actually means what they’re saying or not.

If you want someone to open up to you, show them that you mean it and strike a conversation with them. Rather than asking them to take the risk of coming to you themselves, since most would rather choose to keep it in instead!

When A Toxic Person Offers To Voluntarily Exit Your Life, Take Them Up On It Immediately. Effortless Separation From A Toxic Relationship Is Priceless

I believe there is no much emphasis I need to give on this.

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