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It's so sweet seeing guys post clean hustle, Nigerian lady says.

Nachii 06/25/2020

It seems as though not all ladies are after the material things of life and are ready to stick to their partners, who have decided to hustle clean and involve indulging in fraudulent acts, unlike so many who would want to chase after guys with an iPhone, Benz and flashy dressing.

Although, not all of our Nigerian women are after the material things and properties, before consenting to be with a person, but these few are hardly seen, as some even go as far as comparing their partner to another just because he is not doing fine financially.

While some Nigerian women have shown that they are not after the material things, some still insists on chasing after vain things and material things, that they can kill anyone just to satisfy their greed.

A Nigerian lady identified as Nachi Oleehkha II, has stated that she was proud of men who don't care how demeaning a job is, but do it because it pays purely than involving in social crimes as "internet fraud" which is rampant amongst our youth nowadays. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

She stated "It's so sweet seeing guys post clean hustle. I love it. Kudos to you all, more grease to your elbow and one day you sef go blow, no worry just take things time at a time, E no easy but you go de alright" she penned down in pidgin language.

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This is not only encouraging, it is more than a satisfying word to our men out there who have no one to encourage them or feel the urge to hasten up his financial gains.

Source: opera.com
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