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If Boko Haram Insurgency Continues In The Northeast, Nigeria Should Seek The Support Of Chad-Opinion

Sciencehotgists 06/24/2020

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I am shot of words over the persistent attacks of the terrorists in the northeastern Nigeria. The battle against these terrorists has lasted for long. Different methods to finish them proves abortive. It's time Nigeria should seek the support of the neighbouring countries for assistance.

I believe many Nigerians are tired of hearing the existence of these people. Many feel that it is a political agenda. Some feel that Nigeria herself is not serious about the war against them. Some however conclude that the government has tried her best to end it but couldn't.

Of all these which one should we agree with? Many are killed day and night. The security persons are brutally killed. Some of our people were abducted. Hundreds of lives were terminated by few people who are a very small fraction of the country's polution. Is it that our entire country Nigeria, our security groups - the police, airforce, land army and even many others are not able to defeat these people?

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These are questions whose answers many do not know and are needed to be known.

I am of the opinion that if the attacks and killings of the innocent lives continue in the northeastern Nigeria, support from the Chadian soldiers should be sought.

Sometime ago, Chadian sodiers were reported to have destroyed many of them in a single attempt. I feel that Nigeria should seek the support of neighbouring countries to end this terrorism.

I feel that the repeated success of their attack is the reason why some terrorists groups who have killed and kidnapped many persons in the northwest of the country emerged.

I call on the government of Nigeria and relevant stakeholders to please help the residents of the northeast fight Boko Haram till they are no more.

Dear reader, I am writing with tears as regards insecurity in Nigeria. You and I have a role to play in this issue. Suggest to us what you have in your brain. Give us what you think is the way out. I believe that this article will be forwarded till some government officials see it and read it. Your comments will be there too. It could be helpful. Please sympathize with the northeastern residents. Pray for them. God bless you.

Photos are for illustration and credited to Pulse and Guardian Nigeria

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Top Comments
PaulAttah · 06/25/2020
It's never constitutional that only the eldest brother should bury his death parents so nothing wrong calling on Chadians if Nigeria doesn't have the capability.
StephenAgyeman · 06/24/2020
Oh Naija when?
GamboNyatuku · 06/25/2020
if Nigerians wants to come to the ends of Boko Haram, and other criminal offences: (1) the army serving chiefs most investigate, there is betrayers amount both the army and some politicians, feshout who are feeding the Boko Haram with imformation about what Nigerians soldiers have withdrawn or are coming to attack them, (2)who are giving the Boko Haram firearms,(3)who is giving them foods stove ?(4) Neighboring country should come inn, to my own opinion I think Nigerians soldiers can successed

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