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I Went To See A Man I Met On Facebook And Got Raped By 3 Men - 17 Years Old Girl Narrates Her Story

SportsUpdate247 06/25/2020

The issue of rape is fast becoming a pandemic itself in the world and something must be done to educate people and say no to this bad side of life springing up into the world.

A young teenage girl of 17 years old has narrated how she was raped after she decided to visit a man she met on Facebook who goes by the name Vincent. According to her, he invited her to his home in Mbale, a distance of 210 kilometers from Mbita where she stays with her Aunt.

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She said “I met the man on Facebook. His first name is Vincent, and the surname indicates he is of Luhya ethnicity. He invited me to Mbale, Vihiga County so that I know where he stays — Hekima area. I usually stay with my aunt. I told her that I was going to pay mum a visit and return on Sunday, June 14.

“He told me to use my money to travel to his place, and that he will refund once I get there. Vincent defiled and kicked me out of his house without giving me any money to travel back home.

“While stranded, I met a boda boda rider, who promised to provide me with somewhere to shelter for the night. He further said that the following day, he will take me to Kisumu, where I will board a bus home. He took me to a lodging facility in Kakamega, where he defiled and stole my phone.

“On returning to Mbale, I met yet another man, who took me to Vincent’s place. We found the door had been locked. The then-curfew cut-off hour of 7pm had clocked. So, the man told me he would take me to his place, where I would spend the night. While at his home, he defiled me and kicked me out the following morning.

“I want this case to be pursued to the end. The men hurt me."

The mother of the 17 years old girl has called for the arrest of three men who raped her 17-year-old daughter on seperate occasions in early June.

Source: LindaIkejiBlog.

Left to me, I don't know why a teenage girl if 17 years will travel as far as 210km to see a stranger she met on Facebook at his home, not even a public place. Parents should monitor their young girls on social media if possible and make sure of their whereabout anytime they leave home. The young girls should also learn to tell the truth to their parents on where they are going whenever they are out. This is not the first time this kind of stories has been reported as it has been happening in the past years.

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