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10 Businesses You Can Start With 100,000 Naira Or Less That Will Be Giving You 200,000 Naira Monthly

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Starting a business is often perceived as expensive. This mentality limits the process and actions of people’s thinking and therefore only limits them to their work, immediate social circles and how they accept everything that throws them.

While the majority of the population complains about the high costs of starting and running a successful business, they forget that success changes, and that small victories are the necessary steps to carry out any business towards its short-term goals. .

If you’re thin and worried about how much it costs to start and grow a business, here are 10 low-cost business ideas you can start with 100,000 Naira or less:

1). Baking & Selling Roadside Snacks:

It includes broad categories such as preparing and selling chameleons, popcorn, meat pies, donuts and some other quick snacks. While many may see this as a small business, only a few look beyond their shortcomings and identify with their big picture.

A visionary entrepreneur can take advantage of the less crowded roadside snack bar and build a brand around it, where there will be many mobile branches across the state that sell delicious food in the most pleasant and attractive ways.

Some great places to locate them are markets, schools, properties and more.

2). Mobile Accessories Sales:

A great low cost business idea with huge revenue potential is to sell mobile accessories.

So many people buy banks with electricity, headphones, batteries, phone bags, phone chargers and more regularly. The volume of phone accessories sold every day captures the volume of mobile phones sold by an extremely wide margin.

This frantic demand has not only turned it into a great business opportunity to get into the population, but an affordable one to start up to 100,000 Naira and below.

With a short stay at a public technology center like the computer village of Lagos, you can start a mobile phone accessories business.

3). Soap production:

Every year, the population of people involved in the production of local soaps increases significantly. This industry, which has been dominated by the size of Dettol and Lux ​​for many years, is now experiencing a large influx of investors because it is relatively easy and cheap to start producing all kinds of soaps with 100,000 Naira and below.

If you’ve always had a flash for fast-food products, the bet on producing soap at the lowest possible cost is a great bet.

4). Roadside Bar:

Road bars also called beer halls in Nigeria are very popular. Many of them usually have a large influx of people every evening and take advantage of them not only by selling popular beers, but also serving delicious ones like soups with peppers, nkwobis and more.

Opening a road strip is one of the lowest business ideas you can start with less than 100,000 Naira. Choose a good location, preferably a street full of many middle and lower class citizens, rent a shop, then put tables and chairs in public view where people can sit, drink and chat.

5). Organic Juice Production:

Anyone with 30,000 Naira or less can start extracting fresh orange juice, apple or more, to prepare organic juices, which can become a thriving business.

If you live in a busy neighborhood or on a college campus, preparing and selling freshly made juices is a lucrative investment.

6). Website design and development:

Online development consulting and design services cost almost zero dollars to get started if the founders have good programming skills.

If you have the ability to learn new things and are mostly technical, you can spend two months learning how to code, create champion works, and then officially start a web development union.

All this can be done for less than 10,000 Naira.

7). Affiliate Marketing:

Office marketing is all about getting a commission for every sale or leadership you bring to a business. To do this, you do not need to spend money, but have a wide network of people, in which you can show the services of your partners.

For example, if a contributor is willing to pay $ 65 for each successful sale you bring, getting 10 people in your network to subscribe to your service would cost $ 650, 100 people would be $ 6,500, and 1,000 people. $ 65,000.

8). Sachet Water production:

Sack water, widely known as pure water in Nigeria, is one of the best-selling goods on the road. People buy them at schools, events, for parties, in traffic and in almost every part of the country. The low cost of production and explosive demand make it not only a profitable business, but also very affordable to undertake.

9). Poultry farming

Poultry farming is a low-cost agricultural business idea that can start from 30,000 Naira to more than 10 billion Naira. It includes raising chickens, guinea pigs, turkeys and some other domestic birds. A good advantage of this business idea is that it can be started from your backyard.

10). Nanny services:

Do you have the ability to care for children? Or have you previously worked for a daycare? If so, setting up a service for mom is a great bet for you to give it a try. This business can start with almost zero capital and allows you to spend time caring for children left at home by busy parents.

To summarize

No matter how much your capital is, there is always a small business idea that you can take advantage of. These low-cost business ideas can start with 100,000 Naira or less, and are ideal for any entrepreneur with little start-up capital. Your small profits will not only form the foundation of your business trip, but will also determine how much your business will grow.

What do you think of these 10 low-cost business ideas that you can start with 100,000 Naira or less? Let me know by leaving a comment below.

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