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Why Was Hushpuppi Referred To As 'Nigerian Scammer' By Arabs When He doesn't Own A Nigerian Passport?

Mubbywayne 06/25/2020

Why Was Hushpuppi Referred To As Nigerian Scammer By Arabs When He doesn't Own A Nigerian Passport.

Hushpuppi who had been the sensational of the News Blog at the moment after he had been arrested for defrauding 1.9 Million people of their Hard Earned money in the United Arab Emirates early this Month.

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Ray Hushpuppi who was know to be an Instagram big boy known for his show off of Wealth on Social Media ad he had claimed he was into real house estates, when asked for the source of all his wealth. Which by the way many did not believe as many knew him to be a scammer.

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Following the Arrest of Hushpuppi, it got to be Revealed that he had duped almost 2 Million people of over Billions of Dollars and he was able to be tracked due to his social media account which was high on display of Wealth.

Many people claimed he had brought his downfall on himself due to his constant motivational words and show off of his luxurious lifestyle.

In the documentary Video released by the Arabs when translated to English could be heard and they termed Hushpuppi a Nigerian Scammer, this would definitely be a bad image for Nigerians.

This development would only Make it harder for Nigerians to be granted a Dubai Passport nor Given a Job oversee, as they would have the mindset we are there to scam them of their Hard Earned money.

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People refer to cartels and drug Lord's who have enough money to buy a whole country, but we don't see them showing off their wealth on social media just for a bunch of likes and comments.

They have really found a way to associate Hushpuppi's activities to Nigerians when he doesn't own a Nigerian passport, as he himself had Revealed he had torn his passport as he had no plans returning to Nigeria.

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Hushpuppi who stole roughly about 105 Billion Naira had really held a bad Name for Nigerians, as lady laments she could count the number of Jobs she had lost because People had lost trust in Nigerians.

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Top Comments
FunmiFadiji · 06/26/2020
all I am saying is that this guy is operating unďer a cuŕse,if not he would have thread it softly but today hushpuppi is always on the social media showing off is stolen wealth,Omo ale jatijati
+234-0803329**** · 06/25/2020
the worst mumu I've seen in a while
2bxy · 06/25/2020
Any passport he holds must carry his place of birth which is somewhere in Nigeria
Wickedness in a higher level.

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