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7 things you may regret at old age.

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During our youthful age we do things either good or bad, sometimes you see a child shouting at their own parents or elder thinking they will remain a youth forever but they don't know that it is all a phase.

Here are some things you may regret when you are old.

1. The good opportunity that you missed:

When you are at your youthful age, many opportunity will come to but and due to laziness or ignorance, you kept on ignoring it saying later or when you grow my dear that opportunity is lost and you are bound to regret it when you are old, "had I know" always come the last.

2. Wrong life partner:

When you make the wrong move in choosing a life partner, it is a lifetime mistake that you will surely regret. Never you allow anybody to choose a life partner for you. Marry who will love and respect your decision, someone who love and care for you not someone who was introduced to you by a friend or family member who you know nothing about to avoid you regretting it later in life. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

3. The child you aborted:

Many young girls have done a lot of abortion to them it is normal but I tell you it is not because you are to regret every bit of it if you marry and you don't have any womb again. My dear life is like a clock.

4. The parents you despised:

Some youth don't actually respect their parents any more, some will be like "what do they know, they are old fashioned, they thinking are not correct, they are old and many other silly things they do say," I laugh because surely you will receive your own insult by your children in ten fold.

5. The God you neglected:

When I grow up I will serve God, my dear how can you when you have other things that may likely distract you it start now that you are a youth not when you are old. Don't start serving God when you are old start now.

6. The body you destroyed

Many youth do a lot of things to their body like piercing, smoking, sniffing of coke, tattoo and so on thinking that they body will remain intact forever. When age catches up with you then you will see the great harm you did to your body.

7. The dreams or talents you locked up

Many people at their old age will be like "this suppose to be me o" for you not regret it later rise up and work upon actualizing that dream of yours to avoid you regretting. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

It will be very bad for you as a youth to neglect your parents words. You are young doesn't mean you will remain young forever, do something that will leave your name on the lips and heart of people, it doesn't pay to be rude to your elders. Do not boast with evil. Old age is coming for all, plant your seed well so that you can harvest it later in life.

I hope people learn from this. You can add yours down in the comment box.

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