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The Good in Bukola Saraki that was not seen by Tinubu and others

PhilFactHola 06/24/2020

In the past years before the 2019 General Election, all the enemies of our democratic settings who Senator Bukola saraki has been their headache since his emergence as the Senate President; do say Immediately after his tenure as the Senate President, he will serve his years in prison that he and Dogara padded the Nigerian budget for the four years they led the National Assembly, that he Saraki stole from the coffer of the kwara state govt and the likes of such allegations.

Even Bola Tinubu popularly known for his bullion van in moving monies in and out of his Lagos House; that also has allegations of mortgaging the whole of Lagos State and even trying to do same to the whole of Nigeria made the claim that the duo padded the budget for the four years they led the National Assembly.

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No right thinking Nigerian would not believe that all these were put in place to oppress, victimize and subject him, Saraki to the Executives Arm of government led by President Muhammadu Buhari as to always give the president a soft landing whenever he approaches the legislatures for any bills or consent. However, the same NASS is allegedly on a mission to ruin the country under the able leadership of the Senate President Ahmed Lawan.

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After they failed out in that, they established another ungrounded case of 18 charges against him which includes that of the False Asset declaration, money laundering and so on. Also, with the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), after an high court found him not guilty, they proceeded to the appeal court; he was still not found guilty, before the appellate court finally proves him innocent of the accusations.

The same National Assembly Saraki Led in 2015 is today being regarded has the best in the history of Nigeria since the return of democracy in 1999 as those who pray for him to spend his years in prison after his tenure are today in pain seeing him traveling from one country to another in triumph.

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Top Comments
DeboJamesAshaolu · 06/25/2020
When God says yes who can say no, Saraki was defeated in 2019 election in order to have long life to win more elections not cos of their propaganda but God involvement. Saraki is coming back strongly to lead Nigeria politics as Asiwaju Tinubu says the LORD.
AdeyemoAdewale_04 · 06/25/2020
Yes , Bukola Saraki is the best Senate president as far as Nigeria National assembly
EzekielLil-Shaggy · 06/25/2020
yes ooh, saraki is d best
234-817588**** · 06/25/2020
Yes, saraki was the man of himself not rubber stamp that was where they gang up against him. still he was the best senate president of nigeria.

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