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Bring Down The Stronghold of Your Enemies Tonight With This Powerful Midnight Prayers (24/06/2020)

Punch_newshub 06/24/2020

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The Devil's plan is to manipulate and frustrate the finance and business of Children of God, that is why the Bible clearly states that he come to steal, kill and to destroy according to the book of John 10:10.

Never you at any point give the devil breathing space, because his plans are very demonic. You have been sleeping for a very long time it is high time you break down the strong holds of the enemies with Powerful prayers.

Now at exactly before you go to bed tonight, pray this powerful prayer points.

1. Any Satanic Stronghold of Darkness operating in my life, in the name of Jesus Christ I break you.

2. Oh God arise and destroy the camp of the enemy attacking my life.

3. Let God arise and let my enemies be scattered

4. I laminate my life, my glory and my destiny with the fire of God in Jesus name amen.

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