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Allow Your Woman Catch You Cheating At Least Two Or Three Times Before You Marry Her ~ Lawyer

MegaMaster 06/24/2020

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A Nigerian Lawyer has taken to his Facebook page to admonish men to test their women’s tolerance level before marriage by making sure the woman catches them cheating once or twice.

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Chidi Ogudu said this in reaction to the sentencing of Maryam Sanda who killed her husband allegedly because of infidelity on his part.

His post reads

Before you marry any woman, allow her to catch you cheating at least twice. That way you can be sure of her tolerance level and emotional maturity. That way you can be very sure if she has the fear of God and spirit of forgiveness. Real love is all about forgiveness

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See comments and reactions:

Firenation Queen

This lady seriously does not have sense to say all these shit.

You will cheat on a woman who decided to be sincere and she decides to keep her own urge to cheat by the side because she loves you and she feels you love her too and you expect her to forgive you like that.

Oboy my maturity no go ever reach this stage, once you cheat and I find out, we would breakup cus I can’t handle it and I am not planning on handling it too.

Oshinowo Jimmie

If so, Maryam Husband would have died earlier, you can test loyalty, love and faithfulness but not anger, anger is a moment of provoked madness

Briggs Clara

That’s not enough criteria to know a woman’s heart. My opinion though is literally the Home n the gud n moral virtues inculcated into one’s life, goes a long way in building a solid n God fearing relationship.

Ogah Modest Okpara

Oga Lawyer, abeg stop encouraging immorality. No matter how you try to paint it, it will never change the true meaning of CHEATING.

No one is perfect, but we should always strive to give our best.

So work on ur weakness and ask God for his divine grace to withstand every unnecessary pressure.

The only opportunity you have to love ur spouse and enjoy ur marriage is here on earth.

Why not add some beautiful flowers to it.

Friday Solomon

She might forgive you knowing that she does not have you fully, she can hide it until you are finally married and if you try it again, she will join all of your cheating and do you better strong thing.

Change is constant.

Esther Etiekak

Nigerians hate to hear the truth, they always claim righteous but worst in their closet. All these one shouting faithfulness, abstinence, how many of them imbibed to it?

This is just talk, if you want to be faithful, be it, stop condemning his advice. If you can abstain and abhor, pls do, stop claiming stupid holiness online.

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