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How to connect your instagram account to your facebook page

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This post will reveal how to link your Instagram to Facebook business page, which can make your work a lot easier. which is great for businesses.

 If you link Instagram to Facebook, any post you share on your Instagram account will also be shared to your Facebook page. Which saves you the stress of posting on Instagram, then switching to Facebook to make that same post. Above all, the coolest thing about this method is that you when you run ads on Instagram, the ad will also be shown to the Facebook user.

However, you can also control the posts you want to be shown on your Facebook page from Instagram. Trust me, It’s super cool.

NB: The aim of this post is to teach you how to link Instagram to the Facebook page. So that your post on Instagram linked will be shared to your Facebook business page. In the same way, it will allow your Instagram ads to be shown across Facebook also. All you have to do is follow my steps, let’s dive in. Login to Instagram account, I want you to navigate to your profile

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Click on the profile icon, a menu will open up like this image below

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Click on the setting button, make sure you follow all my steps to avoid common errors. So when you go settings you will see a page like the one below.

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In the same way, now click no account, this will take you to another page with different menus, but not to worry I am behind you. When you click on the account menu, in the same way, click on linked accounts.

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You will be directed to a place like this. However, before we proceed to the next step, make sure you are login onto your account on Facebook, so when you click on the linked account you be taken to a place like this.....

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