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All Universities And Polytechnics Should Reopen On 17th August 2020 (Opinion).

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The Federal Government of Nigeria suspended all the school activities within the country because of the outbreak of the pandemic disease.

This was actually done to protect the students from being exposed to the pandemic disease. Also, this will help slow down the spread of the disease.

Schools were suspended on March 2020 and prior to that, most schools have not written their exams and some were already writing their exams.

Students across the nation have been asking when schools will reopen and they have been desperate to know when the Federal Government would fix a date for the resumption of schools.

All Universities And Polytechnics Should Reopen On 17th August 2020 (Opinion).

In my own opinion, I would recommend that schools should reopen on 17th August 2020. This is because it is expected that before 17th August, the Federal Government must have put the necessary measures in place to ensure that the students are not exposed to the disease.

It is also expected that the inter state ban on movement must have been lifted before 17th August. This will enable the students to travel to their respective schools without issues.

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