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Just In: One of the Police Officers Arrested for the Murder of George Floyd is a Nigerian.

Harrison.atuokwu 06/29/2020

It should be recalled that few weeks back, a Black American was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota by a white police who used his knee to Press his neck even while he was screaming "I can't breathe". This singular incident caused an uproar in all parts of America.

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Many Americans took to the streets to express themselves and voice their opinions about the brutality towards black people. The uproar led to the arrest of the four police officers who were present at the crime scene.

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One of the officers who were charged with murder of George Floyd has been confirmed of being a Nigerian. Kueng who is said to be a Nigerian has since been fired, charged with murder and denounce by his siblings for failing to intervene for Floyd’s while he was pressed to death.

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According to his mother, the reason why he joined the police service was to protect the black people from intimidation. His mother, Joni Kueng revealed that Alexander Kueng was born from a Nigerian father and a white mother.

This is sparking controversies among Nigerians who claim that the man is an American and not a Nigeria.

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