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Pastor Again? See What Was Recovered From A Pastor

Gooko 06/26/2020

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A Delta State pastor of Christ Holy Church Asaba, identified as Pastor Fidelix Nwansa, has been arrested by Delta State Police Command, after they recovered Six Pump Action rifles from an uncompleted building in his church premises.

Pastor Fidelix is accused of gunrunning on the pretext of providing security for churches and hotels in the area alongside vigilante groups.

A vigilante leader arrested alongside with the pastor is a native of Anambra State, who was later discovered was the Pastor Fidelix, was the one that brought him to Delta State for a security job.

Delta state Commissioner of Police, Mr Hafiz Inuwa, briefing newsmen on Thursday 25th June, said they apprehended the Pastor two day prior during mop-up operation by the Delta States police command

In that regard Mr. Hafiz warned individuals bringing criminals into Delta state in the name of vigilantes to stop. Adding that such act is illegal and a criminal act.

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However, the Pastor is currently detained as the investigation continues.

MyOpinion: Why should a Pastor be hiring a vigilante men? Is the power of God not sufficient to protect those who call on him?

Remember this is coming after a Pastor was allege having affairs with some married women. He was allegedly discovered when his Facebook account was hacked.

Prior to this, a Pastor was also paraded in Cross State, after his attempt to plant charm in someone's land failed.

Considering all these men covering themselves with pastoral garments, what do you think should be done to them when apprehended?

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Top Comments
davidugorji · 06/26/2020
we need guns to defend our selves from insecurities in Nigeria. We don't have enough security agents to defend us. LIFE HAS NO DUPLICATE
ENDYJAY · 06/26/2020
It is so disheartening seeing people we are supposed to rely on and looked up to as men of faith but are the ones engaging in the most defaming act of unholiness and bringing degradation and shame to Christianity and the salvation it stands for. Such a pity.
+234-fadia · 06/26/2020
that's wolf in sheep clothing
HASSANB.GANA · 06/27/2020
Self defence

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