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A lady says bride price should be Scrapped, her reasons seem to be Educative. See her reasons

Balatahir 06/25/2020

Pride price is also known to be bride wealth, bride token, is simply an amount of money or property equivalent, paid by a groom, that is a husband to be and his family, to the family of the bride, either his wife to be. In most of the African countries, the pride pride confirm the validity of a traditional marriage and also the ticket to be confirmed before the couple to be proceeds into modern marriage, either Christianity marriage, Islamic marriage or civil ceremony.

Come down to Nigeria in particular, in Igbo land, pride price has cost a lot women to be unmarried. The cost of bride price has caused a lot of lovers who were about to marry to break up. Some parents practically exchange their daughters for huge amount of money, yes I call it exchange because the money involves is heavy. Some families have taken pride price thing as a kind of business. If a man is unable to raise the amount of money on the list presented, or if he cannot provide all the items on the list, there is no way he can marry their daughter. This happens mostly among the south east Nigeria.

In many parts of the north, bride price is cheaper compared to the south. No bride price list is provided in this part of the country.

One Toni Tones as popular known, posted on her Twitter handle @iamTONITONES, to challenge the imposition of bride price. She said that bride price should be Scrapped because it's illegal, and that women are not property to be sold. I'm fully and totally in support of her statement, but so we have power as youths to challenge traditions and customs of our African people?

According to the Media personality and Nollywood actress, Gbemi Anthonia Adefuye, aka Toni Tones, has said that bride price culture should be scrapped.

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Photo : Toni Tones

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Snap shot : Toni Tones tweet's headlines

According to the thespian, women are not properties and are not meant to be sold.

“Scrap bride price culture. Women are not property and are meant to be sold.” she tweeted. It could be recalled that in the same vein, a Nigerian feminist, Rene Ahmed, who was once married, said that no one will pay her bride price ever again.

The 36-year-old divorcee said if she decides to marry again, that she will pay the man’s bride price if he pays hers.

According to her, bride price is totally unnecessary and it should be illegal.

What is your take on arguments, was she right about this. It's an open argument, you can make your views known so that we can all learn from it.

Warm regards.

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