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How Tinubu sacrificed his Senatorial Ambition for Others (From the Archives)

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The APC stalwart, Bola Ahmed Tinubu is know with lots of progressive and leadership qualities which has continue to show him off in the last years. Tinubu popular known as Jagaban is all over in the politics of Nigeria and being a former Governor of Lagos State, he remains one of the king makers to the sear of governor in Lagos State.

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Since he served as Governor, before than and till this moment, he has been said to have infused lots of personalities in position of power, especially in the Nigerian politics. Meanwhile, aside from serving as a Governor, he did not hold any political office and he is a National Leader of the All Progressive Congress.

Why many would wonder why the APC stalwart did not vie for any political office since he completed his tenure as Lagos State Governor, Tinubu has once answered that question.

Going through the epistles of this Great Politician, we would draw out the answer to that question to be a lesson to youth in politics and others.

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Bola Ahmed Tinubu narrates;

"I had obtained and filled the INEC form to go to the Senate, then I realised that I have a Governorship candidate, Mr Babatunde Fashola and Obasanjo was the President, determined to win Lagos state.

I told myself, 'if I go ahead I will strive to win my seat while leaving Fashola to his fate'. Then one morning I called Ganiyu and told him to follow me to Abuja, we landed and off we went to INEC office, withdrew my form and handed him another form. Ganiyu was shocked, he asked me for what sir, I said fill the form, he did and that was how I was able to concentrate in the Governorship election, Fashola won and Gani also won his seat. We must make sacrifices," he stated.

Without mimicking words, Tinubu had build human capacity and personality enough to be called a leader with prospect and prosperity.

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GUEST_7vYbVXOo9 · 08/27/2020
But His wife is a Senator, his son is in the National Assembly, her daughter is the Iyaloja General of Lagos State. He is better off as a Kingmaker. Basorun MKO ABIOLA made the same mistake in the past. History will always repeat itself. BAT is richer than PMB. He needs to be contented to live long. He had already made enough money for his Great Grand Children and his generations yet unborn. What else does he want?
+234-809166**** · 09/27/2020
Na waaaa ooooo. Is the article meant to canvas for him as President.? If it pleases the Lord he will become one and if not, let everyone be silenced. 😉😉😉😉

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