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How To Walk Free From Generational Curses

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View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The Bible talks about how sinful patterns and physical brokenness can be passed down from one generation to the next. There are many different names for this, but the most common is generational curses. As believers, we have the victory through Jesus, and we don't need to be subject to this kind of bondage. We can put an end to these demon strategies to destroy entire family lines. It can be cancer, sexual addictions, substance abuses and much more, but we don't need to tolerate darkness in our lives as new creations in Christ.

Michael Lombardo has had several experiences in his life where the devil tried to whisper in his ear that he will always struggle with certain sins or he'll be prone to certain sicknesses because of family members who were bound by them. Instead of believing the lies and spiraling into despair, Michael spoke the Word of God and grounded himself in the truth and eventually overcame those hurtles. As believers, if we believe the lies of the enemy and subject ourselves to him, we can empower him to keep us in bondage. But if we cling to the truth and believe in the finished work of Christ above all else, we can stop the generational curse and begin to walk in generational blessings.

On Michael's latest episode of Awaken Podcast, he speaks with international minister Marilyn Hickey about her life story and how she overcome generational weaknesses as well. Together they expound on faith building revelation that will help every believer engage in spiritual warfare using God's Word as the primary weapon of choice. You can overcome in every way through Christ, never forget that.

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