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Fiction: My Bitter Love Story (Episode 2)

Dr.What 1d

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My Bitter Love Story Episode 2

written by Gabriel

The girl sitting beside me now is Indeed a beauty queen if I must say. She was also friendly and made me free with her. If you don't know you might think myself and joy have known each other for years, we flowed along easily.

Joy: "So Gabriel, tell me about yourself," She said during our chat.

Me: "Hmm, my name is Gabriel, I am 14 years of age and I am a guy what about you?" I knew my answer was weird but I didn't know any other way of describing myself.

Joy: "ok am joy am also 14 years old and I am a lady." She said and we both busted out in laughter.

Joy: "Hey gabi, give me more comprehensive details about yourself jor," She said in a finny tone. I adjusted my glass again.

Me: "ok am Gabriel 14 years, from a family of five, I love football and what else do you want to know?" I asked, rather confused.

Joy: "ok that's fair enough anyway. I Am joy from a family of three. My best subject in the English language and I love skipping". She said while I just nodded. I didn't know what to say to keep on the flow again. A little amount of silence followed my nodding and joy broke it by laughing out loud. Thank God it was a free period, a teacher would gladly punish her for such laugh.

Joy: "Gabriel, you are shy right?" She asked in the middle of her laugh. I don't know If I was to answer that question so I just adjust my glasses.

Joy: "Gabriel is a shy guy. Hahaha!!!" She laughed hard. "I really like shy guys Like you. I take pleasure in embarrassing them", she said still laughing. I don't understand what she meant by that until the bell rang for break, she then came to me with her hands stretched out towards me.

Joy: "Hey gab, let's go for a break". She said audible enough for half of the class to hear, and some watching if I would take her hands or not. It was then I understood what she meant by saying she derives pleasure from embarrassing shy guys.

Joy: "gabi, are you going to reject my hands?" She asked still standing in front of me and smiling. I stretched my hands forward slowly to took hers then just like been controlled to do so, the whole class bursts into laughter. I quickly withdraw my hands from hers immediately while they laughed more. I adjust my glass again, this was really embarrassing.

As I removed my hands from hers she held them back and Drew me up slowly from my sit and led me outside for a break. Some of the students were still laughing while some were coughing. I just bent my heads down and walk with her awkwardly.

*The school food canteen was a large one occupied with chairs and tables where you can eat and relax with your friends during break. It also has a small television and a large refrigerator where you can take drinks. I and joy look for a table to sit and eat what we got for a break. I bought snacks and a can drink to step down while joy bought fruits.

Me: "it was not funny, what you did in class was annoying". I said as I talked for the first time after that embarrassing incident in the class. I was also kind of angry but didn't show it.

Joy: What did I do? She asked forming a confused fave.

Me: I don't know. I replied to her almost immediately with a frown face. She then came close to me, stared directly into my eyes, and smiled.

Joy: "I will embarrass you again if you don't hold my hands back to class, I promise you". She said as she sucked her Orange and gave me a wink just then the computer mistress enter the canteen and her eye caught our table and she smiles and walks toward us.......

I hope you are all enjoying it. Please try to like the story so as to Impress me to drop more episodes. Alike or comment has more Impact on me.

Please share your view of the story. Should I continue?

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