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All Travellers, University, SSS3, JSS3 And PRY 6 Students Should Pay Attention As FG Lifts Ban

Sundaily 06/29/2020

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We are gradually and surely getting back to normality and hopefully everything will get back to normal as usual. However, new Covid-19 cases keep increasing everyday. It's no news that the FG has extended the eased lockdown for another 4 weeks, starting from Tuesday 30th 2020. And some other adjustments were also made relating to travellers and students.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. The emergence of Covid-19 forced the federal government to put a ban on interstate travelling in a bid to curb the virus. However, the good news now is that according the secretary of the government of the federation and the PTF Chairman Boss Mustapha, the government has given permission to travels from one state to another. But warned that this travels should be within the curfew hours and this takes effect from July 1st 2020. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. View pictures in App save up to 80% data.

Now, for those who have been eagerly waiting for school to resume, talking about the SS 3, JSS 3 and PRY 6 student. The Federal Government has said that only students in those classes are allowed to return to school. View pictures in App save up to 80% data. Also for university students, only those who are in their final year are allowed to resume classes in preparation for their examinations. However a date hasn't been mentioned, maybe we will hear some development in the coming hours.

View pictures in App save up to 80% data. So what do you think about this, do you think it's right for the travel ban to be lifted when cases are massively increasing everyday and do you think only final year students should be allowed to resume? Please comment so I can know what you think and I will surely reply back. Don't forget to follow me, like and share. Thanks.

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Top Comments
EricAsuquo · 06/29/2020
Let everything in Nigeria come back to normal, they should stop deceiving us with fake news and fake cases of Covid 19 everyday
StarSenibo · 06/30/2020
Good morning writer. Since there is an increase in number of the coronavirus, the lockdown should continue and Federal Government should bring kits for testing Nigerians. To fetch out those with the virus and allow those that are free from virus to live their life. thank you.
LolaOyebanji · 06/30/2020
Let all students resume and continue their exams where they stop.Just guard them with rules.
AniagorChinonyeEmmanuel · 06/30/2020
l thing those bans should remain in place and effective for now. only he who is alive and healthy can think of school and traveling. Nigeria don't have what it takes to combat this deathly virus,so we have to put a preventive measures.

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