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OPINION: 3 Reasons Christian Universities Will Forever Be Expensive

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Many people have complained bitterly about the expensive cost of acquiring tertiary education in a Christian private institution. Their agitation is always that the schools are built by the church members through tithe, offerings and free donations.

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I've been in church administration and I know this is either not true or partially not true.

These three reasons will never make private universities cheap.

1. Before a church decides to have an institution, be it a primary, secondary or tertiary institution, a body or board is set up to see to the building and running of the school.

The board doesn't just get the whole money from the church to build, they might get a part, very little. Let say less than 5 percent of the total cost from the church. The rest cost will be gotten from individual or corporate stake holders. The percent that comes from the church will be a combination of tithe, and free donations from members.

These stake holders are investors and would want a return, a good return on their investment. So they're not running a charity institution.

2. The cost of running of running a university is no child's play or joke. Many people don't think about this. They just claim the school was built by the members and the fees should be low. This can't be.

Let's analyze the cost:

a. The cost of maintaining buildings: If you know about buildings, I mean standard buildings, not just half baked buildings we do have in most schools, you'll know it takes a lot to maintain them.

b. The cost of maintaining automobiles: Vehicle owners know this well. Maintaining automobiles aren't easy. It might cost fortunes.

c. The cost of maintaining electrical and electronic devices.

d. Paying staff: This is perhaps, the main cost. An average lecturer earns over N200,000 per month, that's over N2.4m per annum. If a student pays N1m per session, it means the board requires about three students' fee to pay a lecturer. Can you see why those universities can never be cheap? Don't forget that the supposed N1m covers for accommodation, transport and other things.

3. The standard of private universities can never be compared with government's. I attended OOU and I knew the standard was so poor even with the hundreds of thousands we paid. We didn't have a functional computer lab while I was there. Neither do other departments have functional needs for practical studies. This can never be in a private institution. Basic needs are always provided. The quality of education you get attending a private university is top notch.

Government subsidize a lot, that's why we pay little in state owned schools. Even at that, we can never sideline our incessant strikes and all.

If you still feel they should be cheap after this, then maybe you should try running a primary school and see if you can run it cheap.

Oluwapelumi Awotedu

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FictionHQ · 06/24/2020
Thanks for the enlightenment

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