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While He Was Running Away From Immigration Officers, He Went To The 9th Floor And This Happened

OkNews 06/24/2020

A Nigerian man has been reported dead after falling off the 9th floor of his apartment in Indonesia, while he was trying to avoid some immigration officers who coming after him.

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The Nigerian man who has been identified as Chike, resides at Gading Nias apartment in Kelapa Garden Central Jakarta, Indonesia. It was reported that he tried to avoid the immigration offices after he was informed that the officers were on their way to his place. 

Other Nigerians who reside in the apartment rushed him to the hospital where he was confirmed dead this morning, June 24. 

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Click Here To Watch The Video From The Scene Of The Incident

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Top Comments
VincentPaul_08 · 06/24/2020
The devil u know is better than the one u have not seen. The freedom we enjoy here as Nigerian I doubt if such is obtainable elsewhere. He cause it to himself, the law is simple, pass through the right appropriate Chanel's get ur papers intact as to avoid being jail. U can come in into another men's country illegally , no document or means of identification to prove ur genuity and u are expecting not to be chase. I advice others to stay out of trouble, get ur papers intact and stop coming into another man's country illegal, failure to adhere to their immigration law the weaker the Nigeria high commission would be. They are very frown in their immigration law, they don't play with it.
OsitaClifford · 06/25/2020
He committed suicide, nothing more. I am sure there is no death sentence for illegal immigrant in Indonesia
ObinnaOgbonna_05 · 06/26/2020
Something must be wrong either with his papers or the kind of business he does. after all it was the same Nigerians that took him to hospital why were those other one's not running away like him if it is a case against Nigerians.
EkeneDevaunte · 06/25/2020
If there is a second chance in life I will tell God to give me the same parents he did give me, but that I don't want to be a Nigerian citizen.

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