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My girlfriend wants me to impregnate her; the problem is that she's married to someone else

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Dear Bucky,

I am dating a married woman and she told me that her husband is barren and does not know how to [invite her to have sex].

She said [I am always satisfied], so now she wants me to [impregnate] her so that she can transfer the responsibility to her husband. what should I do?

Dear reader

Try not to do it. 

It is terrible enough that you are dating a wedded lady, paying little mind to the explanation she gave you. Having to now accomplish something as appalling as impregnating her so she can make the child look like her better half's is simply extra horrendous. 

It's an alternate thing on the off chance that she did it and didn't include you, yet now you think about it and since you are here looking for my recommendation, I should disclose to you that I think this is really your signal to cut all binds with that lady. 

Try not to let the 'fun' and whatever happiness you are getting from her occupy you from the misleading quality of the circumstance. That is a hitched lady in that spot and you should not be laying down with her in the primary occurrence not to mention impregnating her.

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GraceNwangoro · 06/29/2020
it's very WRONG to date a married woman talk less of making her pregnant...stop it AFAP

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