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Some Weird Japanese Inventions. Pt. 2

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I noticed part 1 got a lot of reaction so I decided to publish part 2 but if incase you haven't seen the previous article(part 1) you can do so by visiting my opera channel.

There's a name the Japanese gives to the art of coming up with weird inventions which is "Chindogu". Below are some more weird Japanese inventions for your pleasure:

The Hearing Enhancer:

If you ever want to listen to someone's conversation that's far away from you and have no plans of being discrete about it, then the Japanese hearing enhancer is the right tool for you.

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The Scratch-Shirt:

If you are having troubles reaching a particular spot on your back and find it difficult directing someone to that particular spot, then the scratch-shirt is what you need, no need scratching your back on the wall like some kind of animal, with the scratch-shirt you will be able to direct someone to the exact spot to get rid of that itch.

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Shaped Watermelons:

It seems nothing is safe from the Japanese, not even their food. They have been able to master the art of growing watermelons to grow the kind of shape they want and you can ask for custom shapes too (at a price of course). Now that's just what we need, we were beginning to get tired of eating plain round watermelons anyway, we need some differnt variety of shapes to pike our interests in watermelons.

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Baby Floor-Wipes:

What better way to put your infant's crawling to use than baby floor-wipes, if you don't have a roomba you won't have to worry about the floor being dirty all the time or cleaning up after the baby after eveytime they make a mess. With the baby floor-wipes you can start putting the baby to help with chores around the house right from a very tender age.

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Mobile Tent:

Sometimes when you go camping and in the middle of the night you feel like going for a walk or more private business but don't want to leave the comfort of your tent, well with this invention, you can literally take the tent with you everywhere you go seeing as you will be wearing it as a cloth.

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Soap Tablet:

Tired of having to hold big chunks of soap bars anytime you want to wash your hands? Well the Japanese have solved that problem for us. With the soap bar, you can have a moderate sized soap bar with which you can be able to use to wash your hands.

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That's all for now. Thanks for reading.

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