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"One Has Been Arrested, We Await the Arrest of the Other" - See Why Messi Was Trolled by a Nigerian

Larzzy 06/28/2020

A Nigerian lady with username 'UgwunnaEjikem' hilariously trolled Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi on Twitter.

In the post which was concluded with the words "One has been arrested, we await the arrest of the other", she made funny comparisons between Lionel Messi and Hush Puppi with both personalities donning a Gucci shirt.

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In the post, she started by saying 'This is a tale of two scammers'. She continued her comparisons between Lionel Messi and Hush Puppi by claiming that both of them have beards which is relatively true.

She also compared them by stating that they both had tattoos on the same arm (their right arms), and she didn't shy away in spotting the fact that they both wore the same clothes.

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She went further to troll Lionel Messi by saying that both he and Hush Puppi have deceived millions of people. She claimed that Hush Puppi deceived people by promising fake money deals, while Lionel Messi promised a UEFA Champions League title and an international title.

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Her reasons for trolling Lionel Messi are surprisingly true. Last 2 years, Lionel Messi promised Barcelona fans that he was going to bring a UEFA Champions League title to the Camp Nou. He openly made the promise in August 2018, but he failed to keep that promise as his club was eliminated by Liverpool in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League.

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Three years ago, Lionel Messi also told Argentina fans before the world cup that he would walk for about 43 miles if Argentina is successful enough to lift the FIFA World Cup trophy. Again, Lionel Messi's team failed to lift the trophy as they were eliminated from the FIFA World Cup by France.

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Do you think the lady is right about her comments on Lionel Messi?

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Top Comments
EvergreenfloralCompany · 06/28/2020
she no get sense Lionnel Messi is a human humans promises can't be relied upon cos anything can happen what if Messi die bfr the promises what will become of all the promises? but u don't compare hard working person with that Hushpuppi that is rogue n showing off what he doesn't have pls it is very wrong comparison
+234-813008**** · 06/28/2020
Some people are just so stupid 😒😒😒 I just pray God will have messi🙂 nd start giving sense to the senseless 🙄🙄😏😣😣
isaacbunmi_01 · 06/28/2020
same as referee not giving him cards for being FIFA favorite controversial 6 time awards. all na scam, my opinion if you like say otherwise I don't care, my decision as FIFA BLATTER.
ChidexJ-boy · 06/28/2020
dis is the effect of lockdown in naija, people now think ND behave lyk chickens

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