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Reason to trust your instinct

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Instinct is that small still voice that warns us each time we are about to go wrong. We can also get encouragement through our instinct to embark on a certain task, which at the end turns out positive. Some people call it intuition, while some call it conscience. Most often we have heard people confess that something within warned them. And this mostly happens after they failed to follow the prompting of the instinct. There is a strong connection between the physical world and the spiritual world, and the instinct is that part of a man that connects to the spirit. To the ordinary man, life is filled with mystery but the man that has a better understanding of life separates himself and passes through life as if with a touch in the midst of darkness.

Just like children who needs teachers to put them through their daily task, each individual is assign a guardian angel who warns and prompts us through the instinct. But what accompanies this warnings is usually an opposite voice that comes with an explanation why we shouldn't follow the small still voice. Though sometimes we end up failing the temptation, but we are often faced with the truth that we were warned. The Almighty has given mankind a freewill which is the ability to choose between good and wrong, but like a loving Father He also out of love gives warning when we are about to go wrong. Do not corrupt the intuition, sharpen it with the word of GOD and meditation, do not engage in activities that disassociates you from the LOVE of GOD. The intuition is like an antenna when it is faulty, the connection becomes distorted.

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