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Lionel Messi Celebrates 33rd Birthday, See 12 Of The Best Quotes About Him

starlite 06/24/2020

Lionel Messi celebrates his 33rd birthday today, 24th May. He is widely regarded as a football icon and some people even regard him as the greatest footballer ever. 

The Argentine legend has produced many outstanding moments with his dribbles, goals, solo runs, nutmegs and many of this other attributes. Various players and coaches have also shown appreciation for the 33-year-old. Here are 12 of the best quotes about Lionel Messi

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1. Javier Macherano

"Although he may not be human, it's good that Messi still thinks he is."

2. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

"Messi does not need his right foot. He only uses his left and he's still the best in the world. Imagine if he also used his right foot, then we would have serious problems."

3. Luis Figo

"For me to watch Messi is a pleasure. It's like having an Orgasm. It's an incredible pleasure."

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4. Pep Guardiola

"Don't write about him, don't try to describe him, just watch him."

5. Johan Cruyff

"Messi would be the player to win the most Balon D'or in history. He will win five, six, seven. He is incomparable. He's in a different league."

6. Thierry Henry

"What Leo does is so incredible that I have to be careful not to stand still watching him make his moves."

7. Jurgen Klopp

"I have coached a few good players. My dad liked Pele, but Messi is the best ever."

8. Jose Mourinho

"Messi is the god of football. When Messi has the ball one on one, you're dead."

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9. Arsene Wenger

"Who is the best player in the world? Lionel Messi. Who is the best player ever? Leo Messi."

10. Diego Maradona

"I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Messi. Messi is a genius."

11. Mario Gomez

"I'm not crazy enough to compare myself with Messi because he is the best there ever was and the best there will ever be."

12. Michael Owen

"I can't believe anyone have played the game of football as well as Messi."

13. Xavi

"It is clear that Messi is on a level above all others. Those who do not see that are blind."

14. Luis Enrique

"Messi is like the matrix. He is able to stop the time and do whatever he wants. Apart from him, I have never seen anyone doing that. He is the best I've ever seen."

15. Zinedine Zidane

"He is always going forward. He never passes the ball backwards or sideways. He has only one idea, to run towards the goal. So as a football fan, just enjoy the show."

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Top Comments
0817081**** · 06/25/2020
there is no objections at all, he is the god's of football, no one can be compare with him
AbiodunAkinlabi · 06/25/2020
No adjective to qualify this man again
AbiodunAkinlabi · 06/25/2020
Lionel Messi plays the way world best player in year 2070 will be okay. Generation ahead are in trouble
AbiodunAkinlabi · 06/25/2020
The Genius of all genius

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